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Euglena International Network (EIN): Driving euglenoid biotechnology for the benefit of a challenged world.
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Beyond being an energy supplier, ATP synthase is a sculptor of mitochondrial cristae.
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AURTHO: Autoregulation of transcription factors as facilitator of cis-acting element discovery.
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Phylogenomic Analyses of Snodgrassella Isolates from Honeybees and Bumblebees Reveal Taxonomic and Functional Diversity.
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Automated Open-Hardware Multiwell Imaging Station for Microorganisms Observation
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Article (Scientific journals)
Cyclin-dependent kinase 7 contributes to myelin maintenance in the adult central nervous system and promotes myelin gene expression.
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Article (Scientific journals)
AURTHO: autoregulation as facilitator of cis-acting element discovery of orthologous transcription factors
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Altered metal distribution in the sr45-1 Arabidopsis mutant causes developmental defects.
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Article (Scientific journals)
A Fast-Growing Oleaginous Strain of Coelastrella Capable of Astaxanthin and Canthaxanthin Accumulation in Phototrophy and Heterotrophy.
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Contamination detection in genomic data: more is not enough
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Was the last bacterial common ancestor a monoderm after all?
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Reflections on the triptych of meristems that build flowering branches in tomato
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LED Color Gradient As A New Screening Tool For Rapid Phenotyping Of Plant Responses To Light Quality
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EARLY FLOWERING 3 and Photoperiod Sensing in Brachypodium distachyon
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The molecular basis of zinc homeostasis in cereals.
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The mitochondrion: from genome to proteome
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An Extended Reservoir of Class-D Beta-Lactamases in Non-Clinical Bacterial Strains.
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Molecular Advancements Establishing Chlamydomonas as a Host for Biotechnological Exploitation
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Article (Scientific journals)
ZRT-IRT-Like PROTEIN 6 expression perturbs local ion homeostasis in flowers and leads to anther indehiscence and male sterility.
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Article (Scientific journals)
Zinc deficiency responses: bridging the gap between Arabidopsis and dicot crops.
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