Release Notes

      • Publication lists: added ULiège member drop-down list for “Promoter” and “First/last author” fields
      • MyIndicators: improved display of Scimago charts
      • Admin: added a monthly alert listing references containing an unverified DOI
      • Admin: deletion of obsolete jobs
Bug fixes
      • Detailed display: ORBi URL added to APA citation for “Reports” references
      • OAI-PMH output: improved document type mapping in FNRS mets/mods output
      • MyORBi: removal of empty profile pages from Google referencing
Bug fixes
      • MyORBi: fixed bug preventing ORCID from being linked to ORBi profile
      • Admin: correction of a bug preventing the import of a bictel thesis into ORBi via the admin batch import tool
New features
      • Search: export to CSV format (for spreadsheets) of a search result for anonymous users and identified users (the number of results and exported data being greater for the latter).
      • Deposit: addition of an information link concerning the ORBi charter
      • Detailed display: display the number of documents available for the reference
      • MyIndicators: increased default selection of publication date range
      • MyIndicators: CSV export added for five graphs (h-index, citations, average citations, co-author affiliations and articles with reviewing)
      • Deposit: default selection of ULiège affiliation instead of CHU affiliation
      • MyIndicators: added new data in the CSV export of the chart "Publications in A or A+ or B journals of the HEC academic guide".
      • MyIndicators: added CSV export for graphs "Number of publications in Q1 scimago" and "Proportion of articles in Q1 Scimago".
Bug fixes
      • Admin: fixed bug preventing automatic import of Bictel license via admin batch import tool
      • MyIndicators: modified handling of data with commas in the "OA rate with evolution over time" graph, to enable correct display in CSV export
      • OAI-PMH: correction of bugs generating errors during OAI indexing of ORBi references
      • Myindicators: added csv data export for "Publications as (co-)first or (co-)last author" and "Most frequent keywords" graphs.
      • MyIndicators: added data to csv export of "Top 20 most cited PR articles" chart.
      • Myindicators: changed sorting order of Q1 scimago charts (sorted by descending number of articles rather than alphabetically by research field).
Bug fixes
      • Myindicators: fixed a bug concerning the export of the URL of an indicators page, which rendered a result with the graph "Publications as (co-)first or (co-)last author" empty.
      • MyIndicators: fixed a bug that prevented the user from saving an indicator page as a pdf file via the web browser.
      • Submission and MyORBi: default display of ULiège affiliation instead of CHU affiliation in the list of authors in the submission and in the profile.
      • MyORBi: automatic addition of a ULiège member's ORCID in publications and in the OAI output when the ORCID is created.
      • Myindicators: clarification of STM/HEC/SHS sector headings in the MyIndicators tool.
      • Admin: Addition of ISSN and E-ISSN data in the periodicals database, though incompatible with Scimago data.
Bug fixes
      • Submission: correction of an error generated when changing the document type from "Dissertation/thesis" to "Article" when the form contains jury members.
      • Repository: fixed a bug preventing correct retrieval of a Pubmed reference when importing via DOI.
      • Submission and admin: code enhancement to avoid incorrect display in "Enrichment" status of publications awaiting signature when submission has been made in admin via the epeople tool.
      • Admin: fixed an error preventing complete indexing of ORBi via the ImportItemsToOAI job.
      • Admin: corrected a bug generating an error when displaying the last page in the epeople admin tool.
Bug fixes
      • Emails: resending of unsent emails following the ULiège network outage on the morning of 30/01/2024
      • Deposit: correction of a bug causing incorrect references to be retrieved from pubmed when importing via DOI
      • MyORBi: fixed bug preventing profile info from being displayed when significant publications are selected
      • Statistics: corrected number of views for Ireland in global statistics
      • Repository and detailed display: updated import code for Scopus CSV files and corrected references imported from Scopus prior to this update
New features
      • MyORBi: MyIndicators
        MyIndicators enables everyone to analyse their own scientific output, that of a group and even that of the institution by bringing together a set of indicators from bibliographic databases on one page. This tool, developed in-house by researchers and ULiège Library, generates personalised statistics in real-time based on a search of publications registered in ORBi.
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      • Admin: export of journal database
      • Admin: improved content of alerts sent when a curation task fails
Bug fixes
      • Reports: correction of a bug generating an error when creating some reports
      • Repository: fixed a bug preventing the import of some references via a bibtex file
      • OAI: correction of a bug generating an incorrect "in press" publication date
      • Admin: deletion of copies of a reference erroneously blocked in modification mode
New features
      •  Home: ULiège author selection in the author simple search
      • Statistics: addition of to the list of bots and correction of statistics for 19/11/2023 corrupted by this plagiarism detection tool
      • MyORBi and reference display: Twitter name and logo replaced by X
      • Publication reports: addition of several trusted preprints servers for the "preprints" category in FNRS templates
      • Repository: corrected URL for OpenCitations bibliometric data retrieval
      • OAI-PMH: added FNRS harvesting project document types and disciplines to oai mets/mods output
      • Admin: ability, when adding files via the edit item tool, to automatically generate a license and add version, access and file type information.
      • Admin: addition of IndexDiscovery job for improved reindex management
      • Admin: monitoring of enriched references (by archiving or job) via ID reporting.
      • Admin: improved message display in the event of a metadata import error.
Bug fixes
      • Repository: corrected link for forwarding signature requests to a ULiège member who has left the institution
      • Repository: fixed a bug preventing BibTeX import of a file containing unvalidated authors
      • MyORBi: corrected a bug preventing references from being removed from the list of most significant publications via the "My publications" page
      • Admin: corrected a bug preventing the addition of a policy for a document via the edit item tool
      • OAI-PMH: fixed bug preventing validation of oai output
      • Admin: fixed a bug preventing completion of the StorageCleanUp job
      • Technical debt: fixed XSS security vulnerability
New features
      •  MyORBi: selection and display of most significant publications
        Display your 5 most significant publications on your ORBi profile page.
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      • Submission: added copyright warning when submitting images in open access
      • Admin: scopus 2022 metrics added
Bug fixes
      • Admin: stop indexing bibliometric data in jobs
      • Reports and search: fixed bug preventing sorting of references by publication date
      • OAI-PMH: correction of a bug preventing the output of a few references
      • Reports: removal of the "HEC Journal Guide" reference for the popularisation articles in HEC reports
      • OAI-PMH: updated display of file language in oai openaire output in accordance with COAR recommendations
Bug fixes
      • MyOrbi: fixed display of ORCID logo in author profile
      • MyORBi: correction of a bug preventing the display of offprint requests
      • Submission: correction of a bug preventing the submission of a thesis
      • Detailed display: correction of typos in APA citations for theses, posters and eprints
      • Admin: fixed a bug preventing a reference from being deleted from the workflow
New features
      •  Reports: thumbnail display
      • MyORBi: thumbnails displayed in profile and widgets
      • Admin: full export functionality for the periodicals database
      • OAI-PMH: METS/MODS output added
      • Homepage: improved alphabetical order for author browsing (special and accented characters)
      • Deposit: retrieval of Scopus author IDs from an import deposit
      • Deposit and display: update of DOI syntax
      • List display: default sorting by descending publication date)
      • Detailed display: file download functions highlighted
      • Detailed display: improved display of co-first/last authors
      • Detailed display: updated APA citation format
      • Detailed display: OpenCitations updated
      • Detailed display: DOI retrieval from Scopus identifiers
      • Admin: increased limit on the number of references to be imported using the import metadata tool
      • Admin: update of the list of bots
      • Admin: improved processing of information retrieved via the Scopus ID
      • OAI-PMH: addition of "editorial review" information in the oai output of periodicals
Bug fixes
      • Deposit: Kosovo added to the list of countries
      • Statistics: correction of the processing of the northern part of Somalia
      • Admin: deletion of email and id of external authors after archiving
      • Admin: correction of the display of the delay in days before the automatic launch of jobs
      • Journals database: Synchronisation of harvested metric data after modification in the ULiège journals database.
      • Admin: addition of licences in the import via the admin tool Batch import
      • Admin: updated country codes for ULiège and UniLu funders
Bug fixes
      • Deposit: fixed a bug preventing the import of references in RIS/EndNote format from Scopus
      • OAI-PMH: correction of the total number of OA references with full text in the OAI output
      • REST API: fixed a bug that prevented the REST URL generated via the widget tool from working when some special characters appeared in the query
      • Admin: fixed a bug preventing an external author's email from being modified using the admin Workflow tool
      • Home: correction of an XSS security flaw
New features
      •  Homepage: Google recaptcha removed and RGPD-compliant recaptcha added
      • Detailed display: the title of discipline B04 "Business Management & Organisational Theory" has been changed to "Business Management, Entrepreneurship & Organisational Theory".
      • API: addition of the list of metadata in the public documentation of the REST API
Bug fixes
      • Home: correction of the alphabetical order of accented characters in the author browse display
      • Deposit: correction of a typo in messages concerning the event
      • Search: correction of a bug preventing indexing of the "Abstract references" field
      • Detailed display: correction of the warning message in the event of a request for an offprint that cannot be transmitted
New features
      • OAI-PMH: ajout d'une sortie MODS avec ROR
Bug fixes
      • Admin: correction d'un bug empêchant l'affichage du nombre de pages des parties de FT dans l'outil admin "edit item"
      • Admin: correction d'une erreur interne lors de l'affichageReference display: correction of "co-first author" data in deposited references with "co-first" for second author only
New features
      • Reference display: daily update of author info in ORBi references (ORCID) and facets (surname, first name)
      • Admin: addition of an admin tool to customize the "Step by step" section by institution
      • Admin: added MODS output to OAI-PMH outputs
      • Admin: automatic addition of file name if missing when importing via admin tool Batch Import
      • Admin: control of eperson data before deletion in admin
Bug fixes
      • Reference display: fixed a bug preventing display of a reference containing incorrect data concerning uploaded files
      • Reference display: correction of "co-first author" data in deposited references with "co-first" for second author only
      • Submission: correction of co-first/last author data when changing document type
      • Submission: correction of page count in docx, pptx and xlsx files
      • Submission: corrected retrieval of ORCID and author affiliations when importing PubMed
      • MyORBi: corrected display of author names without first name
      • Admin: corrected bug in retrieval of journal issn and e-issn data by partner institutions
      • Admin: retrieve authority codes for subsidiary organizations when importing references via the admin Import metadata tool
      • Admin: addition of institutional orbi license if absent when importing via admin Batch Import tool
      • Admin: corrected number of licenses allocated to a reference containing several OA files when importing via the admin Batch Import tool
      • Admin: fixed a bug preventing the display of two curation tasks in the Edit item admin tool.
      • Homepage: anonymization of IP addresses sent via the contact form
Bug fixes
      • Submission: default affiliation "ULiège - Université de Liège" displayed for authors with no affiliation
      • Repository: correction of a bug preventing the update of tags modified in admin
      • Publication lists: corrected content of "preprint" category in FNRS templates
      • MyWidget: removal of "&" character in "REST" URL
New features
      • News: news creation and display via the admin tool (for ORBilu and ORBiMons)
      • Admin: modification of license text through the Institution profile
      • Detailed display: display of all author affiliations
      • Publication lists: modification of STM template to include articles published as other collaborator in a separate category
      • Admin: automated scheduling of journal data update job
Bug fixes
      • Statistics: corrected a bug causing a difference in the number of downloads displayed for the same author depending on the display location (profile or statistics).
      • Home: fixed a bug preventing access to CSS during deployment
      • Detailed display: cleaned up special characters not recognized during display
      • Repository: correction of bugs in RIS import and export functionalities
      • Repository: corrected display of generic affiliation used by default
      • Repository: corrected bug causing DOI special characters to be converted during BibTeX import
      • Search: harmonization of funders/sponsors index heading
      • MyORBi: corrected display of button for returning to MyORBi from current repositories
      • Admin: html formatting of "on error/on success" job email
New features
      • Publication list: addition of an index allowing searches for publications by "first/last author"
      • Statistics: improved list of referrers
      • Detailed display: various improvements (html display, css and twitter link)
      • Admin: added a job to update references after modifying the periodical database    
Bug fixes
      • List of publications: correction of a bug preventing the sorting of publications according to the selected criteria
      • Search: support for additional character sets
      • Detailed display: fixed an error preventing files from being displayed after they have been moved
      • MyORBi: fixed a bug preventing BibTeX and RIS export in "My Publications"
      • MyORBi: correction of an error generated when connecting with two different identifiers
      • MyORBi: correction of an html error preventing access to certain profile pages
      • Admin: correction of errors generated when managing references via the workflow tool
      • Statistics: bibliometric elements are now being indexed
      • Statistics: update of referrers
      • Reports and MyORBi: use of bibliometric indexes
      • MyORBi: addition of filters in the REST output of MyWidgets
      • MyORBi: improvement of the visibility of orbi profiles on Google
      • Admin: modified the export of organizations to remove harvested organizations
Bug fixes
      • Detailed display: fixed display of authors without first name
      • Repository: fixed default affiliation selection for non-active authors
      • Reports: fixed a bug preventing to modify the selection of an authority in the query
      • Admin: fixed a bug in the DOI alert content
New features
      • Publication lists: addition of the GIGA template
      • Publication lists and widgets: improved search by author with the addition of a suggestion list of ULiège authors
      • Admin: ability to restrict access to certain features based on user categories
      • Publication lists: addition of the scopus h-index without autocitations in the bibliometric synthesis
      • MyORBi: improved visibility of author profile pages in Google
      • Admin: update of the ticketting tool
      • Admin: improved alerting of updated journal information in ORBi references
      • Admin: added reference info in case of alert for incorrect DOI
      • Admin: added the IT team in the recipients of the BadItem alert
Bug fixes
      • Homepage: fixed a bug that prevented images from being displayed in the news
      • Homepage: fixed a bug preventing the management of languages in the menus after modification of menus in admin
      • Deposit: recovery of the "delete" button in the references in progress
      • Browse and facetting: fixed display of authors without first name
      • Publication lists: fixed a bug that prevented to distinguish between co-authors and cofirst/colast in PSY and GIGA lists in case of a query with many author IDs
      • Publication lists and widgets: fixed a bug that prevented queries with a list of authorities from being saved
      • Admin: fixed an internal error generated after changing the name of a permanent group via the admin group tool
      • Admin: secured modifications related to the eperson system via the admin epeople tool
      • Admin: fixed a bug preventing the addition and deletion of eperson in the system group
      • Statistics: addition of the whole set of document types "scientific journals" and of the type "papers published in a journal" for generating the graph of the most frequent journals
      • Detailed display: bounce to the author's profile from his name and surname, including from the reference header and the display of reference lists (search result)
      • Detailed view: update OpenCitations for all ORBi references
      • Admin: added the number of pages of the files in the editing tool in admin
      • Admin: display of item ID in the workflow tool
      • API REST: optimised API output (optimised response time, cleaned up html citation, added parameters to target outgoing fields)
Bug fixes
      • MyORBi and display of references: correction of the display of authors without a first name in the ULiège LDAP
      • Admin: fixed a bug preventing the addition of a file in admin
      • Admin: correction of authority codes in the administration interface
New features
      • Submission: addition of the ORCIDs of ULiège authors directly in the references when archiving a new publication so that they are present in the various ORBi data exports.
      • MyORBi: added in the MyWidget a "REST" output directly usable in the REST API facilitating its use
      • Admin: added Q1 Scimago disciplines from 1999 to 2018 in the periodicals database
      • Detailed display: bounce to the ULiège authors profile from the header citation
      • Repository: addition of the country code of the EU organization when selecting a European project
      • Admin: send an alert to the orbi team in case of failure to retrieve OpenCitations when archiving a new publication
Bug fixes
      • Detailed display: fixed a bug preventing the opening of files with special characters in the title
      • Submission: fixed a bug that prevented the display of all ULiège authors matching a name entered in the author field
      • Submission: fixed internal errors caused by archived but not visible references
New features
      • Affichage détaillé: Récupération des données Altmetrics pour les références sans DOI
      • Dépôt: ajout de la vérification des données du périodique (ISSN, e-ISSN, titre et peerreviewed) lors de l'archivage d'une publication
      • Admin: ajout d'un job réindexant les références archivées après modification des données dans la base des périodiques
      • Admin: ajout d'une alerte repérant les cas de références archivées mais non visibles
      • Dépôt: ajout de messages précisant l'utilisation du bouton co-first/co-last
      • Admin: amélioration de l'interface de la base des périodiques après modification d'un périodique
Bug fixes
      • Dépôt: correction d'un bug provoquant le plantage d'orbi lors du comptage des pages de gros fichiers excel
      • Dépôt: correction d'un bug empêchant le comptage correct des pages pour les fichiers pptx et docx
      • Dépôt: correction d'erreurs internes provoquées par des reférences archivées mais non visibles
      • Admin: correction des données authority dans l'export csv
New features
      • Profile: added the number of references covered by each heading
      • Admin: added a new API REST output providing bibliometric data for each reference
      • Detailed display: display of the speaker function in APA/Chicago citations and in RIS/BibTeX output
      • Profile: improved display of headings
      • OAI-PMH output: added ORCID of authors
Bug fixes
      • Publications list: corrected display of publications list in ULiège staff directory (report language and name display)
      • List of publications: correction of the display of the number of orbi publications in the MyULiège profile
      • Detailed display: correction of the display of authors in the APA citation
      • Search: correction of the display of number of results exported in RIS/BibTeX for an identified user
New features
      • Search: export of a search result in BibTeX and RIS files
      • Publication lists: updated FNRS template and separated into two templates (with/without posters), as requested in the
        FNRS Guide for Applicants 2023
      • Submission: Parameter setting of the delay of acceptance of the orbi license by the co-authors
New features
      • Search: grouping of the rectors' speeches under the new tag "Rector's speech for the start of the academic year ULiège".
      • Admin: addition of an up/down alert to warn administrators by sms in case of a failure of the orbi server
      • Search: taking into account of the capital letter in the search for an institutional identifier (u/c/s)
      • Publication reports and display: update of the mention of type F01 (formerly DEA/DES) to " specialised master ".
      • Profile: removal of the unavailable functionality to add the author's Scopus ID
      • Admin: possibility to create lists of publications with a large number of identifiers
      • Admin: identification of the orbi server (test, preprod, prod) in the emails sent by the jobs
      • Admin: added metadata in the API REST html output
Bug fixes
      • Display: access to embargoed files for members of the institution
      • Display: detection of empty ORCIDs from Scopus
      • Submission and display: display of comments and editor's mentions associated with a file
      • Submission: fixed a bug preventing the display, in the orbi licence, of a submitter without an email address
      • Submission: fixed a bug preventing the archiving of a reference
      • Submission: fixed a bug preventing the signature of a reference containing a large excel file
      • Admin: fixed a bug preventing the recovery of OpenAire projects
New features
      • MyORBi: transmission to the myULiège staff directory (intranet) of the authors' number of publications for display
      • Statistics: addition of a tool to update OpenCitations for all references
      • Submission and detailed display: update of the title of the document type "master DEA/DES/DEC" to "Master of specialization
      • Detailed display: improvement of the display of citation sources
Bug fixes
      • Submission: correction of the display of data sent to co-authors when modifying a publication
      • Submission: extension of the list of top-level domains accepted in URLs
      • Submission: fixed bug when importing references by DOI that are not in PubMed
      • Submission: fixed bugs preventing display of archived references
      • Detailed display: fixed bug creating an error when retrieving a file containing a modification date
      • Home: fixed the display of the footer
      • Admin: fixed a bug preventing the archiving of modifications in the journals database
New features
      • Reports: new "structured list" template added
      • Deposit: automatic addition of the EU as funder for the publications related to a European project
      • Home: putting in cache of customizable institutional elements (menus, footer)
      • Deposit, statistics and admin: synchronization of periodicals information after modification of the periodicals database.
      • Admin: improvement of the security of access to the administration tools
Bug fixes
      • Deposit: correction of the rectoral title in the repository license in OA
      • Reports: correction of the indexes used for the HEC journals list
      • Homepage: update of the news retrieval URL from the new version of the ULiège Library website
      • Admin: preview of myORBi pages and messages
      • Admin: possibility to add several identifiers and referencers in the periodicals database
      • Admin: add Q1 Scimago information in the periodicals database and in the references
Bug fixes
      • Submission: display of non-archived references following a server shutdown
      • Reports: fixed a bug preventing to generate a publication report when checking the "metrics" box
      • Search: standardisation of the "ULiège authors" cards dimension, whatever the name length.
      • Home page: possibility to configure ORBi to display three news on the homepage instead of one
      • Publication reports: increase the length limit of a query
      • Search: configuration of the display of photo thumbnails in the "ULIège authors" cards according to the institutional parameters
      • Admin: Improvement of the job retrieving Scopus IDs: addition of the parameters "publication date" and "presence/absence of ScopusID"; taking into account the ORBi translated title in the search
      • Admin: possibility to define several email addresses for jobs
Bug fixes
      • Detailed display of references: private access to the distribution licence
      • Metrics: fixed a bug in the job retrieving Scopus citations
      • Submission: fixed a bug preventing the submission from working when more than one potential duplicate is detected for the same reference
      • Submission: fixed a bug preventing the update of document subtypes after a document type change
      • Widget: fixed XML markup of iframe link
New features
      • Search result: display of ULiège authors with publications related to the query. It is now possible to see which ULiège authors have the most publications within a search result and to bounce to their profile or to the list of related publications.
      • MyProfile: possibility to edit your profile directly from your public profile page when logged in
      • References: addition of CECI and Tier-1 tags in the publications concerned
      • Admin: differentiated treatment of OpenCitations and Scopus citations for the update of citations on ORBi
      • MyORBi: customization of the menu according to the institution
Bug fixes
      • Reports: fixed a bug preventing the selection of a tag in the reports and widgets query
      • Search: correction of the display of filters (removal of the grouping by data type)
      • Admin: added the dc.identifier.uri in the references metadata
      • Repository: addition of the owning-collection metadata which was missing in some references and prevented them from being displayed
      • Home: correction of the html code in the source code of the page for the URLs containing a choice of language
New features
      • Submission: automatic update of the OpenAire project list
      • OAI: metadata peer reviewed and editorial reviewed "verified by orbi" added in the OAI output
      • Admin: correction of the Scopus ID structure in all the code
      • Submission: external authors' affiliations display when importing by ID
      • Admin: journal last modification date display
      • Admin: selection of start and end dates of references to be processed after a ScopusID recovery job failure
Bug fixes
      • Deposit: fixed a bug preventing the retrieval of ScopusIDs during archiving
      • Home: fixed an internal error when calling the obsolete URL newsfeed
New features
      • ORBi Home: browse by ULiège authors added. 
        It is now possible to browse the list of ULiège researchers and access their author profile on ORBi.
      • Data enrichment: Search and retrieval of SCOPUS IDs for ORBi references archived without ScopusID
      • Author browse: regroup the different spellings of an author under the same entry
      • Journals list: update of the scopus journals metrics for the year 2021
      • Home: Management of certificates expiration
Bug fixes
      • Statistics: correction of statistics by country display
      • Repository: Fixed a bug that appeared when multiple clicks were made in the duplicate form
      • Filing: Fixed wrong text in the filing form
      • Admin: fixed a bug when retrieving Scopus IDs
      • Facetting: grouping under one single entry the different spellings of a ULiège author's name
      • Publications lists: correction of the HEC journal lists categories display
      • Detailed reference display: correction of the "peer reviewed" metadata to "peer reviewed verified by orbi" in a few hundred references
      • Reprints: Fixed a bug generating an error message when trying to access, via a reprint request, files modified since the request.
      • Widgets: Fixed a bug that caused the interface language to change after a widget was generated.
      • ORBi Home: Correction of the html code of the orbi homepage
      • MyORBi: Correction of a pagination error in the list of reprints
      • Detailed reference display: correction of the position of the "modify" button when the title of the publication is very long
      • Submission: thumbnail extraction is done in the file available for the visitors of the site
      • Admin: removal of the "video with preview" template
      • Admin: treatment of news with no content of their own (link to a news on another website)
      • Submission: correction of a bug causing the loss of a comment associated with a file
New features
      • Submission: addition of Horizon Europe projects to the list of European projects (OpenAIRE)
      • Reports: addition of OpenCitations
      • Admin: addition of CSV export in MyWidgets
      • Reports: improved display of metrics journals
      • Widgets: consideration of filters in the web link
      • Detailed reference display: improvement of the display order of the statistics
      • Submission: correction of messages displayed during a deposit with OCR request
      • Submission: improved retrieval of ORCIDs when importing via identifier
      • Admin: addition of a note indicating whether a reference is being modified by the author
      • OAI: correction of the display of the status "In press" and "Undated" in the OAI output
      • OAI: deletion of the statement required by the publisher of the dc. rights 
      • Submission: fixed a bug that prevented OCR processing when modifying a reference
      • Submission: fixed a bug preventing the import by ArXiv ID of references containing a large number of authors
      • Reports: fixed bugs that prevented the generation of reports for certain "fictitious" identifiers (Famous Scholars)
      • Admin: correction of an internal error following a deduplication of references
      • Submission: control of the author function when changing to the document type "Collective work published as editor or director (book)"
      • ORBi profiles: creation of profile pages for authors no longer in activity within the Institution
      • Homepage ORBi: English support added  in the cookie setting tool
      • Admin: configuration of API calls in the citations update job
      • Admin: DOI format control when calling the OpenCitations API
      • Detailed reference display: correction of references containing duplicate DOIs
      • Detailed reference display: fixed issue with display of dataset titles
      • Search: fixed a bug preventing the search for certain DOIs
New features
      • Enrichment: retrieval of the bibliography from Scopus
      • Deposit: retrieve the Scopus ID directly when archiving a publication
      • Admin: Use of Matomo web statistics measurement tool compliant with the GDPR
      • Admin: monitoring tool for the "co-first/last author" option
      • Admin: monitoring tool for new scientific journal titles
      • Submission: consultation in a new tab of the documents attached to a reference being filed or validated
      • MyORBi: correction of the error message in case of absence of a profile page for members of the institution who have no publication on ORBi
      • MyORBi: fixed a bug that prevented viewing accepted reprint requests from ORBi's old version
      • Citations: fixed bugs preventing to retrieve OpenCitations on some references
      • Deposit: fixed a bug that prevented the deposit of a "Book for a general audience".
      • Detailed display of references: correction of the URL for datasets mentioning a DOI
      • Detailed display of references: correction of the message indicating the success or failure of a reprint request
      • Detailed display of references: corrected a regression preventing the correct display of the "peer reviewed" mention
      • Admin: corrected a bug preventing the submission of references for "Famous Scholar".

New features
      • Detailed reference display: added citations from OpenCitations
      • Admin: added "PubMed Linkout Tool" job that allows Pubmed to link to the full text in OA on ORBi
      • Admin: added OAI Journals output
      • REST API: added metadata indicating the date of deposit of a publication on ORBi
      • Submission and display: updated SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) headings
      • RIS export: addition of PB, PP and SN metadata
      • MyORBi: added MyORBi in the breadcrumb trail for reports and widgets
      • Import by ID or file: recording of additional data
      • ORBi home page: correction of the display of drop-down menus
      • Repository: fixed a bug preventing the display of the dc.contributor.inventor for patents
      • RIS/BIBTeX export: fixed display of undated and in press
      • Detailed display of references: fixed a bug in the display of datasets
      • Import via Grobid/ArXiV: correction of the display of authors data
      • Import: correction of formatting of academy, publisher and conference place fields
      • Admin: fixed a bug preventing the retrieval of the bibliography via Scopus

New features
      • Detailed reference display: automatic addition of Scopus and Pubmed identifiers in order to display the link to the publication on these international databases
      • Reports: display of the h-index in the bibliometric synthesis of the publication reports
      • Author profile: addition of a link to the author's publications as an ORBi search result
      • Statistics: Customization of certain components according to the institution
      • Submission: fixed a bug preventing the display in French of countries containing accented characters
      • Submission: display of the form reporting a duplicate fixed
      • Submission: fixed author formatting when importing bibtex
      • Submission: correction of the display in English of certain types of documents
      • Submission and reference display: correction of display issues for periodical publishers
      • Reprint requests: correction of a bug preventing access to documents when the request relates to several
      • Reports: fixed the category of articles published as first or last author (PSY model)
      • Author profile: correction of the display of data from the MyULiège profile

New features
      • Reports and widgets: display (by completion) of the list of tags and research centers
      • Submission: possibility of modifying the type of file (full text, full text part, annexes) by moving
      • API REST: adding files version information (author preprint, author postprint, publisher postprint) 
      • Reports: display of models by alphabetical order
      • Reports: enabling "simple list" template by default
      • Profile: modification of the message referring to the contact details of the author in the ULiège directory
      • Automatical reload of the ORBi CSS after changes
      • Submission: correction of the display of theses and dissertations when the faculty is missing
      • Submission: fixed error message when a required full text is missing
      • Submission: removal of the ULiège icon for an external signatory
      • Import by DOI: fixed a bug in the information exchange with Crossref
      • Statistics: correction of the year put at the beginning of the graph
      • Reports and widgets: fixed an error preventing the search of a tag
      • Thumbnail: correction of the display for pdf without pagination
      • OAI outputs: correction of data indicating DNS

      • Widget and reports: removal of unused search fields and modification of some of the labels
      • API REST: number of pages added for uploaded files
      • Reports: addition of a link to the list of Faculty models and their structure
      • Detailed reference display: addition of bibtex export for "Eprint already available on another site"
      • MyORBi: correction of a bug occurring when adding an ORCID
      • Deposit: fixed error preventing addition by DOI via Crossref

New features
      • Institution profile: Possibility to configure ORBi by institution (logos, mentions about the institution, CSS)
      • API REST: addition of author order and file information
      • OAI-PMH: improved oai_dc output and openaire context
      • Facets: grouping of journals with several labels
      • Detailed reference display: addition of ORBi favicon when displaying pdf documents
      • MyORBi profile: basic display for ULiège members unknown to ORBi
      • Submission: updated email addresses of co-authors who are no longer active in the ULiège LDAP
      • Submission: addition of email adress for the Famous scholars project
      • Home page: improvement of the presentation of statistical values
      • Admin: added information about errors in Scopus query
      • MyORBi: visualization of references with missing publication date
      • Reprint requests: removal of private documents in the list of available documents
      • Reprint requests: correction of an error occurring when requesting some full text versions
      • Admin: fixed bugs occurring when adding a journal in the database
      • Admin: fixed a bug preventing the cancellation of an OCR request
      • Correction of various typos

New features
      • Widget: addition of the possibility to create URLs referring to the ORBi search page and compatibility with URLs from the old version of ORBi1
      • Submission: in the choice of authors, display of the CHU logo instead of the ULiège logo for CHU members
      • Submission: control of peer reviewing information before archiving a publication
      • MyORBi menu: improved menu visibility
      • REST API: increased limit of results and improved output data (values for document types and disciplines ; addition of journal and event data)
      • Email: Correction of the code allowing to search ULiège email adresses in the LDAP
      • Repository: Fix of a bug preventing the modification of references with a european project coming from the old version of ORBi.

New features

Admin: merge item tool allowing ORBi team to merge two duplicate references including their access statistics

      • Widget: compatibility improvements with widgets created under the old version of ORBi
      • Statistics: automatic update of Scopus citations
      • Submission: addition of "speaker" authors in the list of recognized authors for the deposit
      • Submission: Fix of a bug that prevented the import of a publication by PDF
      • Submission: Correction of an archiving error when the email of a co-author is not valid
      • Reports: access to an html report for unauthenticated users

New features
      • Publication reports: metrics added at the journal title level (CiteScore, SNIP and SJR)
      • Publication reports and widgets:  addition of the possibility to search on affiliations
      • Publication reports and widgets: addition of the possibility to introduce several authors in the "identifier" field
      • Links from ULiège and CHU directories: reverse chronological sorting by default
      • Detailed display of the reference and publication reports: addition of the asterisk to identifiy "co-first" and "co-last" authors
      • Data transfer from the old to the new version: recovery of some full texts wrongly placed in "Full text parts"
      • OAI-PMH output: improvement of DC and QDC outputs
      • ORBi-old: restoring access for the CHU
      • Redirection of old URLs such as that still exist on the internet to
      • Widgets: compatibility with URLs created for the previous version of ORBi
      • Statistics: updating the number of views and downloads at the author level
      • Submission: errors corrections d'erreurs when modifying references
      • Detailed display of the reference: correction of authors' order for certain references
      • Miscellaneous: restoring access to references handles

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