Publication List

Generate your list of publications

ULiège members can generate publication lists from their MyORBi. They can contain: 

  • Their own publications (this is the default option)
  • The publications of several authors
  • The publications of a department or research unit
  • a subset of publications defined through a search

These lists can be customised according to your needs (year range, type of document, keywords) and can be exported in multiple formats.

Publication report templates are available: 

  • Faculty templates that fit the research discipline and the evaluation criteria of the faculties concerned
  • FRS-FNRS template

Share your list of publications with a URL

In ORBi you can obtain a URL that leads to your list of publications. Here are two complementary methods :

1. Your publication list formatted according to our faculty models
From MyOrbi > My reports : select filters, model and sort order then choose Html output. Generate your report. This opens in a new web browser tab. Copy-paste its URL.

This method allows you to share a structured list of publications with a maximum of filtering, sorting and index combination possibilities.

2. Your ORBi profile page
From MyOrbi > My profile : click on "View profile page". This opens in a new web browser tab. Copy-paste its URL.

With this method you share your list of publications and gives the possibility of launching a search via a dedicated button. In addition you have various information such as your ORCID, your main areas of research, your most used keywords, your main co-authors, some links to your social networks and to the ULiège directory.

In addition to these two possibilities, you can obtain, via the MyOrbi > My Widgets menu, other URLs which will allow you to integrate your list of publications in a website.

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