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Small-scale and scale-up bioleaching of Li, Co, Ni, Mn from spent lithium-ion batteries
Panda, Sandeep; Dembele Seydou; Mishra Srabani et al.
2024In Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology
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Keywords :
acidophlic mixed culture; bioleaching; LiBs; thermal treatment
Abstract :
[en] BACKGROUND: A bioleaching process could offer the advantage of higher metal recovery in a sustainable manner even from LIB samples with very low metal concentrations. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the use of secondary resources such as LIBs for various purposes including transportation, large scale energy storage and use in portable devices. RESULTS: The adaptation of the mixed culture acidophilic microorganism to LIB allowed the setting of 0.5% of the pulp density. The maximum metal dissolution by bioleaching in the 1L bioreactor for the as-received and thermally treated samples was found to be Li (67% & 49%), Co (81% & 86%), Ni (99% & 87%) and Mn (86% & 75%). Similarly, on the 10L scale, the dissolutions observed were: Li (80% & 67%), Co (75%), Ni (91% & 88%), Mn (63% & 75%) for the as-received and heat-treated samples respectively. CONCLUSION: Parameters such as particle size, leaching time, pH and Fe2+ affect the efficiency of acidophilic bioleaching of Li, Co, Ni and Mn from spent lithium-ion batteries.
Disciplines :
Geological, petroleum & mining engineering
Author, co-author :
Panda, Sandeep
Dembele Seydou
Mishra Srabani
Akcil, Ata
Agcasulu, İsmail
Hazrati, Edris
Tuncuk, Aysenur
Malavasi, Pierre
Gaydardzhiev, Stoyan  ;  Université de Liège - ULiège > Département ArGEnCo > Traitement et recyclage des matières minérales (y compris les sols)
Language :
Title :
Small-scale and scale-up bioleaching of Li, Co, Ni, Mn from spent lithium-ion batteries
Publication date :
Journal title :
Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology
Publisher :
John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, United States - New Jersey
Peer reviewed :
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