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A reference map of the human binary protein interactome.
Luck, Katja; Kim, Dae-Kyum; Lambourne, Luke et al.
2020In Nature, 580 (7803), p. 402-408
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Keywords :
Extracellular Space/metabolism; Humans; Organ Specificity; Protein Interaction Mapping; Proteome/metabolism
Abstract :
[en] Global insights into cellular organization and genome function require comprehensive understanding of the interactome networks that mediate genotype-phenotype relationships(1,2). Here we present a human 'all-by-all' reference interactome map of human binary protein interactions, or 'HuRI'. With approximately 53,000 protein-protein interactions, HuRI has approximately four times as many such interactions as there are high-quality curated interactions from small-scale studies. The integration of HuRI with genome(3), transcriptome(4) and proteome(5) data enables cellular function to be studied within most physiological or pathological cellular contexts. We demonstrate the utility of HuRI in identifying the specific subcellular roles of protein-protein interactions. Inferred tissue-specific networks reveal general principles for the formation of cellular context-specific functions and elucidate potential molecular mechanisms that might underlie tissue-specific phenotypes of Mendelian diseases. HuRI is a systematic proteome-wide reference that links genomic variation to phenotypic outcomes.
Disciplines :
Biochemistry, biophysics & molecular biology
Author, co-author :
Luck, Katja
Kim, Dae-Kyum
Lambourne, Luke
Spirohn, Kerstin
Begg, Bridget E.
Bian, Wenting
Brignall, Ruth
Cafarelli, Tiziana
Campos-Laborie, Francisco J.
CHARLOTEAUX, Benoit ;  Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Liège - CHU > > Service de génétique
Choi, Dongsic
Coté, Atina G.
Daley, Meaghan
Deimling, Steven
Dricot, Amélie
Gebbia, Marinella
Hardy, Madeleine F.
Kishore, Nishka
Knapp, Jennifer J.
Kovács, István A.
Lemmens, Irma
Mee, Miles W.
Mellor, Joseph C.
Pollis, Carl
Pons, Carles
Richardson, Aaron D.
Schlabach, Sadie
Teeking, Bridget
Yadav, Anupama
Babor, Mariana
Balcha, Dawit
Basha, Omer
Bowman-Colin, Christian
Chin, Suet-Feung
Choi, Soon Gang
Colabella, Claudia
Coppin, Georges
D'Amata, Cassandra
De Ridder, David
De Rouck, Steffi
Duran-Frigola, Miquel
Ennajdaoui, Hanane
Goebels, Florian
Goehring, Liana
Gopal, Anjali
Haddad, Ghazal
Hatchi, Elodie
Helmy, Mohamed
Jacob, Yves
Kassa, Yoseph
Landini, Serena
Li, Roujia
van Lieshout, Natascha
MacWilliams, Andrew
Markey, Dylan
Paulson, Joseph N.
Rangarajan, Sudharshan
Rasla, John
Rayhan, Ashyad
Rolland, Thomas
San-Miguel, Adriana
Shen, Yun
Sheykhkarimli, Dayag
Sheynkman, Gloria M.
Simonovsky, Eyal
Taşan, Murat
Tejeda, Alexander
Tropepe, Vincent
Twizere, Jean-Claude  ;  Université de Liège - ULiège > Molecular Biology of Diseases-Viral Interactomes Network
Wang, Yang
Weatheritt, Robert J.
Weile, Jochen
Xia, Yu
Yang, Xinping
Yeger-Lotem, Esti
Zhong, Quan
Aloy, Patrick
Bader, Gary D.
De Las Rivas, Javier
Gaudet, Suzanne
Hao, Tong
Rak, Janusz
Tavernier, Jan
Hill, David E.
Vidal, Marc
Roth, Frederick P.
Calderwood, Michael A.
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Title :
A reference map of the human binary protein interactome.
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Publisher :
Nature Publishing Group, London, United Kingdom
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