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Covariance-constrained difference inversion of time-lapse electrical resistivity tomography data
Hermans, Thomas  ; Kemna, Andreas; Nguyen, Frédéric 
2016 • In Geophysics, 81 (5), p. 311-E322
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Keywords :
electrical resistivity tomography; time-lapse inversion; regularization; , covariance-constrained inversion
Abstract :
[en] Hydrogeophysics has become a major field of research in the past two decades and time-lapse electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) is one of the most popular techniques to monitor passive and active processes in shallow subsurface reservoirs. Time-lapse inversion schemes have been developed to refine inversion results, but they mostly still rely on a spatial regularization procedure based on the standard smoothness constraint. In this paper, we propose to apply a covariance-based regularization operator in the time-lapse ERT inverse problem. We first illustrate the method for surface and cross-hole ERT with two synthetic cases and compare the results with the smoothness-constrained inversion (SCI). The examples show that the covariance–constrained inversions (CCI) better image the anomaly both in terms of shape and amplitude. Although more important in low-sensitivity zones, improvements are observed everywhere in the tomograms. Those synthetic examples also show that an error made in the range or in the type of the variogram model has a limited impact on the resulting image, which still remains better than SCI. The method is then applied to cross-borehole ERT field data from a heat tracing experiment, where the comparison with direct measurements shows a strong improvement of the breakthrough curves retrieved from ERT. The proposed method could be extended to the time dimension which would allow the use of CCI in 4D inversion schemes.
Research center :
Applied Geophysics
Disciplines :
Geological, petroleum & mining engineering
Author, co-author :
Hermans, Thomas ;  Université de Liège > Département ArGEnCo > Géophysique appliquée
Kemna, Andreas
Nguyen, Frédéric ;  Université de Liège > Département ArGEnCo > Géophysique appliquée
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Title :
Covariance-constrained difference inversion of time-lapse electrical resistivity tomography data
Publication date :
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Publisher :
Society of Exploration Geophysicists
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F.R.S.-FNRS - Fonds de la Recherche Scientifique


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