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Regime change in Mexico and the transformation of state-diaspora relations
Lafleur, Jean-Michel 
2013 • In Collyer, Michael (Ed.) Policies and Ideologies of Emigrant Engagement
Peer reviewed


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Keywords :
Mexico; diaspora; policies; migration; politics; vote; voto; distancia
Abstract :
[en] Over the course of last two decades, Mexico’s policies towards its population abroad has moved from a situation characterized by a general lack of interest to being one of the most active state in this field. The recent development of dual national and external voting policies as well as the creation of a dedicated government agency and of a consultative body all epitomize the radical change through which Mexico has gone. In this chapter, I argue that the transformation of Mexico’s attitude towards its emigrants is strongly connected to the evolution of its political regime characterized by a transition towards democracy, a strong desire to take part actively in the global economy and the increasing interest of regional actors in migration issues. Focusing on the issue of external voting, the chapter concludes by discussing the evolution of the power relations between the emigrant community and the Mexican state.
Disciplines :
Political science, public administration & international relations
Author, co-author :
Lafleur, Jean-Michel  ;  Université de Liège - ULiège > Institut des sciences humaines et sociales > Centre d'études de l'ethnicité et des migrations (CEDEM)
Language :
Title :
Regime change in Mexico and the transformation of state-diaspora relations
Alternative titles :
[fr] Changement de régime politique et transformation des relations entre l'état et la diaspora au Mexique
[es] Transicion politica y transformacion de las relaciones entre estado y diaspora en Mexico
Publication date :
Main work title :
Policies and Ideologies of Emigrant Engagement
Editor :
Collyer, Michael
Publisher :
Palgrave, Basingstoke, United Kingdom
Peer reviewed :
Peer reviewed


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