Reference : Dithiocarboxylate complexes of ruthenium(II) and osmium(II)
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Dithiocarboxylate complexes of ruthenium(II) and osmium(II)
Naeem, Saira [> > > >]
Thompson, Amber L [> > > >]
White, Andrew J P [> > > >]
Delaude, Lionel mailto [Université de Liège - ULiège > Département de chimie (sciences) > Chimie macromoléculaire et catalyse organique >]
Wilton-Ely, James D E T [ > > ]
Dalton Transactions (Cambridge, England : 2003)
Royal Society of Chemistry
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[en] The ruthenium(II) complexes [Ru(R)(kappa(2)-S2C center dot IPr)(CO)(PPh3)(2)](+) (R = CH=CHBut, CH CHC6H4Me-4, C(C CPh)=CHPh) are formed on reaction of IPr center dot CS2 with [Ru(R)Cl(CO)(BTD)(PPh3)(2)] (BTD = 2,1,3-benzothiadiazole) or [Ru(C(C CPh)=CHPh)Cl(CO)(PPh3)(2)] in the presence of ammonium hexafluorophosphate. Similarly, the complexes [Ru(CH=CHC6H4Me-4)(kappa(2)-S2C center dot ICy)(CO)(PPh3)(2)](+) and [Ru(C(C CPh)=CHPh)(kappa(2)-S2C center dot ICy)(CO)(PPh3)(2)](+) are formed in the same manner when ICy center dot CS2 is employed. The ligand IMes center dot CS2 reacts with [Ru(R)Cl(CO)(BTD)(PPh3)(2)] to form the compounds [Ru(R)(kappa(2)-S2C center dot IMes)(CO)(PPh3)(2)](+) (R = CH=CHBut, CH=CHC6H4Me-4, C(C CPh)=CHPh). Two osmium analogues, [Os(CH CHC(6)H4(M)e-4)(kappa(2)-S2C center dot IMes)(CO)(PPh3)(2)](+) and [Os(C(C CPh)=CHPh)(kappa(2)-S2C center dot IMes)(CO)(PPh3)(2)](+) were also prepared. When the more bulky diisopropylphenyl derivative IDip center dot CS2 is used, an unusual product, [Ru(kappa(2)-SC(H)S(CH= CHC6H4Me-4)center dot IDip)Cl(CO)(PPh3)(2)](+), with a migrated vinyl group, is obtained. Over extended reaction times, [Ru(CH=CHC6H4Me-4)Cl(BTD)(CO)(PPh3)(2)] also reacts with IMes center dot CS2 and NH4PF6 to yield the analogous product [Ru{kappa(2)-SC(H)S(CH=CHC6H4Me-4)center dot IMes}Cl(CO)(PPh3)(2)](+) via the intermediate [Ru(CH=CHC6H4Me-4)(kappa(2)-S2C center dot IMes)(CO)(PPh3)(2)](+). Structural studies are reported for [Ru(CH=CHC6H4Me-4)(kappa(2)-S2C center dot IPr)(CO)(PPh3)(2)]PF6 and [Ru(C(C CPh)=CHPh)(kappa(2)-S2C center dot ICy)(CO)(PPh3)(2)]PF6.
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