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Seismic pre-qualification tests of EC8-compliant external extended stiffened end-plate beam-to-column joints
D'Aniello, Mario; Tartaglia, Roberto; Landolfo, Raffaele et al.
2023In Engineering Structures, 291
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Keywords :
Joints; seismic; prequalified; ductility; steel bolted joint; partially restrained joints; partial strength joints; semi rigid joints; extended stiffened end-plate connection; momet-rotation response; FEM analysis; experimental tests
Abstract :
[en] An experimental and numerical campaign was carried out to validate the design procedure and prequalify extended stiffened end-plate (ESEP) joints for ductile seismic resistant moment-resisting frames in the framework of Eurocodes. In fact, the tested ESEP joints have been designed with the aim of guaranteeing ductile and dissipative seismic response in accordance with the principles of the hierarchy of resistances to enforce plastic deformations in ductile components of the joints. Two alternative types of dissipation mechanisms are promoted, namely either (i) plastic deformations solely in the connected beam using full strength joints or (ii) plastic de formations in both the beam and the connection using equal strength joints. The adopted design criteria and technological details are described and discussed. The results of experimental tests confirmed the expected yielding mechanisms of the joints, which satisfied the acceptance criteria for both North American and European prequalification. Finite element simulations of ESEP joints have been validated against the experimental results and have been used to investigate the local response of the joints, thus highlighting the influence of both geometrical and mechanical parameters.
Disciplines :
Civil engineering
Author, co-author :
D'Aniello, Mario
Tartaglia, Roberto
Landolfo, Raffaele
Jaspart, Jean-Pierre  ;  Université de Liège - ULiège > Département ArGEnCo > Adéquation des structures de génie civil aux exigences de fontionnement et de performances technico-économiques
Demonceau, Jean-François  ;  Université de Liège - ULiège > Département ArGEnCo
Language :
Title :
Seismic pre-qualification tests of EC8-compliant external extended stiffened end-plate beam-to-column joints
Publication date :
15 September 2023
Journal title :
Engineering Structures
Publisher :
Elsevier, United Kingdom
Volume :
Peer reviewed :
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