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A Comparative Analysis of Drivers Impacting Urban Densification for Cross Regional Scenarios in Brussels Metropolitan Area
Chakraborty, Anasua; Omrani, Hichem; Teller, Jacques
2022In Land, 11 (12), p. 2291
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Keywords :
driving factors; land development; multinomial logistic regression; net land take; urban densification
Abstract :
[en] Our research aims at unveiling the various drivers that can have an impact on urban densification. Unlike the usual logistic modelling techniques, our study considers multi-level built-up densities ranging from low to high built-up density. The commonly used dataset for a number of present studies is based on raster images. Our study uses vector-based cadastral data to create maps for the years 2000, 2010 and 2020 in order to better trace densification. Furthermore, our study addresses the situation of a metropolitan area, Brussels, that spreads over three different regions that are developing independent land-planning policies. Since the state reform of 1993, Belgium has undergone a significant political transformation with a decentralization of land-planning policies from the state level to regional authorities. This reform allowed a progressive divergence of planning policies between the three regions, i.e., Flanders, the Brussels Capital Region and Wallonia. According to our findings, all the controlling factors exhibit distinct variation over all their density classes for the three regions. This may be due to differences in socioeconomic, territorial, and regulatory factors. For Flanders and the Brussels Capital Region, slope and distance to roadways are the most significant drivers explaining densification, whereas densification in Wallonia is predominantly influenced by land-use policies, especially the zoning regime. These results highlight the impact of considering cross-regional divergences in the implementation of planning policies at the metropolitan level, especially in those metropolitan areas that are expanding into different regions with divergent planning policies.
Disciplines :
Civil engineering
Engineering, computing & technology: Multidisciplinary, general & others
Author, co-author :
Chakraborty, Anasua  ;  Université de Liège - ULiège > Urban and Environmental Engineering
Omrani, Hichem;  Urban Development and Mobility, Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Teller, Jacques  ;  Université de Liège - ULiège > Département ArGEnCo > LEMA (Local environment management and analysis)
Language :
Title :
A Comparative Analysis of Drivers Impacting Urban Densification for Cross Regional Scenarios in Brussels Metropolitan Area
Publication date :
December 2022
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Peer reviewed :
Peer Reviewed verified by ORBi
Funders :
F.R.S.-FNRS - Fund for Scientific Research [BE]
FNR - Fonds National de la Recherche [LU]
Funding text :
This research was funded by the INTER program and co-funded by the Fond National de la Recherche, Luxembourg (FNR) and the Fund for Scientific Research-FNRS, Belgium (F.R.S—FNRS), T.0233.20—‘Sustainable Residential Densification’ project (SusDens, 2020–2023).
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