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Emigration and the Transnationalization of Sending States’ Welfare Regimes
Lafleur, Jean-Michel; Yener-roderburg, Inci Öykü
2022In Social Inclusion, 10 (1), p. 174 - 183
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Keywords :
diaspora; emigration; health; immigration; Mexico; transnationalization; Turkey; welfare regime; Social Psychology; Sociology and Political Science
Abstract :
[en] How does emigration affect sending states’ welfare policies? Existing migration literature has identified numerous political, economic, and institutional variables that influence sending states’ approaches towards emigrants’ welfare. However, this literature has neglected broader processes of social transformation in sending states. Using the concept of welfare regime transnationalization, we show more precisely how emigration transforms welfare regimes in their functional, distributive, normative, and politico-institutional dimensions. This process is nonetheless strongly constrained by domestic politics. To illustrate our analytical framework, we discuss the transnationalization of health policies in Turkey and Mexico.
Research center :
IRSS-CEDEM - Institut de recherches en Sciences Sociales. Centre d'Études de l'Ethnicité et des Migrations - ULiège
Disciplines :
Sociology & social sciences
Author, co-author :
Lafleur, Jean-Michel  ;  Université de Liège - ULiège > Département des sciences sociales > Centre d'études de l'ethnicité et des migrations (CEDEM)
Yener-roderburg, Inci Öykü ;  Department of Sociology of Migration, TU Dortmund, Germany ; Institute of Turkey Studies, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany ; DRES Research Center, University of Strasbourg, France
Language :
Title :
Emigration and the Transnationalization of Sending States’ Welfare Regimes
Publication date :
Journal title :
Social Inclusion
Publisher :
Cogitatio Press
Special issue title :
Transnational Social Protection: Inclusion for Whom? Theoretical Reflections and Migrant Experiences
Volume :
Issue :
Pages :
174 - 183
Peer reviewed :
Peer Reviewed verified by ORBi
European Projects :
H2020 - 680014 - MiTSoPro - Migration and Transnational Social Protection in (post-)crisis Europe
Funders :
ERC - European Research Council [BE]
Union Européenne [BE]
Funding number :
Funding text :
Jean‐Michel Lafleur is a research professor at the University of Liège, associate director of CEDEM, and a senior research associate at the Belgian Fund for Scientific Research (FRS‐FNRS). He is also a lecturer in SciencesPo Paris. Jean‐Michel’s areas of expertise are the transnational dimension of contempo‐ rary migration, EU mobility, social protection, and the political participation of immigrants. He is the P.I. of the European Research Council (ERC) project Migration and Transnational Social Protection in (Post)Crisis Europe. Recently, Jean‐Michel was appointed as the coordinator of the IMISCOE research network for the period 2022–2026.‐0002‐8954‐5167 Inci Öykü Yener‐Roderburg is a PhD candidate at the University of Duisburg‐Essen (Germany) and the University of Strasbourg (France) focusing on diasporas’ political mobilisations for “homeland” polit‐ ical parties through emigrant enfranchisement. Inci also contributed to the ERC project Migration, Transnationalism and Social Protection in Europe, led by Jean‐Michel Lafleur (University of Liège, Belgium). She currently works as a researcher and lecturer at the University of Duisburg‐Essen, and as a research fellow at TU Dortmund in the Department of Sociology of Migration. 0000‐0001‐9698‐1058Results presented in this article were collected in the framework of the project Migration and Transnational Social Protection in (Post)Crisis Europe (MiTSoPro), financed by the European Research Council (Starting Grant No. 680014). The authors wish to thank Evelyn Astor and Sousso Bignandi for their comments and edit‐ ing suggestions on earlier versions of this article.
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