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Oocyte Vitrification for Fertility Preservation in Women with Benign Gynecologic Disease: French Clinical Practice Guidelines Developed by a Modified Delphi Consensus Process.
Courbiere, Blandine; Le Roux, Enora; Mathieu d'Argent, Emmanuelle et al.
2021In Journal of Clinical Medicine, 10 (17), p. 3810
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Keywords :
benign gynecologic disease; consensus study; fertility preservation; modified Delphi method; oocyte vitrification; Medicine (all); General Medicine
Abstract :
[en] International guidelines are published to provide standardized information and fertility preservation (FP) care for adults and children. The purpose of the study was to conduct a modified Delphi process for generating FP guidelines for BGD. A steering committee identified 42 potential FP practices for BGD. Then 114 key stakeholders were asked to participate in a modified Delphi process via two online survey rounds and a final meeting. Consensus was reached for 28 items. Among them, stakeholders rated age-specific information concerning the risk of diminished ovarian reserve after surgery as important but rejected proposals setting various upper and lower age limits for FP. All women should be informed about the benefit/risk balance of oocyte vitrification-in particular about the likelihood of live birth according to age. FP should not be offered in rASRM stages I and II endometriosis without endometriomas. These guidelines could be useful for gynecologists to identify situations at risk of infertility and to better inform women with BGDs who might need personalized counseling for FP.
Disciplines :
Reproductive medicine (gynecology, andrology, obstetrics)
Author, co-author :
Courbiere, Blandine ;  Department of Gynecology-Obstetric and Reproductive Medicine, AP-HM, Hôpital La Conception, 13005 Marseille, France ; Aix-Marseille Université, IMBE, CNRS, IRD, Avignon Université, 13005 Marseille, France
Le Roux, Enora;  Unité d'Epidémiologie Clinique, Hôpital Universitaire Robert Debré, AP-HP Nord-Université de Paris, Inserm, CIC 1426, 75019 Paris, France ; ECEVE UMR 1123, Université de Paris, Inserm, 75019 Paris, France
Mathieu d'Argent, Emmanuelle;  Department of Gynecology-Obstetric and Reproductive Medicine, GRC6-UPMC, Centre Expert en Endométriose (C3E), Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie Paris 6, Hôpital Tenon, CHU de Tenon, AP-HP, 4, rue de la Chine, 75020 Paris, France
Torre, Antoine ;  Department of Gynecology-Obstetric and Reproductive Medicine, CHU Rouen, 37 bd Gambetta, 76000 Rouen, France
Patrat, Catherine;  Service de Biologie de la Reproduction-CECOS, APHP Centre-Université de Paris, Site Cochin, Inserm U1016, 75014 Paris, France
Poncelet, Christophe;  Department of Gynecology-Obstetric, UFR SMBH Leonard de Vinci, CH René Dubos, 95000 Cergy-Pontoise, France ; Université Sorbonne Paris Nord-Paris 13, 93200 Saint-Denis, France
Montagut, Jacques;  Institut Francophone de Recherche et d'Etudes Appliquées à la Reproduction, Ifreares Toulouse, 31000 Toulouse, France
Gremeau, Anne-Sophie;  Department of Gynecologic Surgery and IVF, Clermont-Ferrand, University Hospital Clermont-Ferrand, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand, France
Creux, Hélène;  Clinique Saint Roch, Department of Gynecology-Obstetric and Reproductive Medicine, 34000 Montpellier, France
Peigné, Maëliss;  Université Sorbonne Paris Nord-Paris 13, 93200 Saint-Denis, France ; Department of Reproductive Medicine and Fertility Preservation, AP-HP Hôpital Jean Verdier, 93143 Bondy, France
Chanavaz-Lacheray, Isabella;  Centre d'Endométriose, Clinique Tivoli Ducos, 33000 Bordeaux, France
Dirian, Lara;  EndoFrance, Association Française de lutte contre l'Endométriose, 70190 Tresilley, France
Fritel, Xavier ;  Department of Gynecology-Obstetric and Reproductive Medicine, CHU Poitiers, 86000 Poitiers, France ; Inserm CIC-P 1402, 86021 Poitiers, France
Pouly, Jean-Luc;  Department of Gynecology-Obstetric, CH Moulins Yzeure, 03000 Moulins, France
Fauconnier, Arnaud;  Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, CHI Poissy-Saint-Germain-en Laye, 78300 Poissy, France ; Research Unit 7285 Risk and Safety in Clinical Medicine for Women and Perinatal Health, Paris-Saclay University, 78300 Poissy, France
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Other collaborator :
Nisolle, Michelle ;  Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Liège - CHU > > Service de gynécologie-obstétrique (CHR)
Language :
Title :
Oocyte Vitrification for Fertility Preservation in Women with Benign Gynecologic Disease: French Clinical Practice Guidelines Developed by a Modified Delphi Consensus Process.
Publication date :
25 August 2021
Journal title :
Journal of Clinical Medicine
Publisher :
MDPI, Switzerland
Volume :
Issue :
Pages :
Peer reviewed :
Peer Reviewed verified by ORBi
Funding text :
The CNGOF (Collège National des Gynécologues Obstétriciens Français) provided funding for the organization of the Delphi process. Neither the patients nor the experts of the PreFerBe study were remunerated for their participation.
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