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Factors That Influence Travelers’ Willingness to Adopt Bus Rapid Transit (Green Line) Service in Karachi
Soomro, Rabia; Memon, Irfan Ahmed; Pathan, Agha Faisal Habib et al.
2022In Sustainability, 14 (16), p. 10184
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Keywords :
Karachi Green Line; travel behavior; travel pattern; Karachi; bus rapid transit (BRT); binary logistic regression (BLR)
Abstract :
[en] Bus rapid transit (BRT) system is a sustainable mode choice alternative and traffic management method for traffic congestion problems in urban areas. As an extent of total demand management, BRT has broadly been implemented in many countries. BRT has proven to be progressive in alleviating traffic congestion and the difficulty of finding parking spaces in city centers. Currently, people driving their automobiles to work cause traffic congestion along Karachi’s main corridors. People cannot be persuaded to use public transit until their travel patterns are understood. Therefore, the disparity between public and private transportation must be addressed. This research aimed to develop a model to shift car travelers toward Karachi’s Green Line BRT and investigate the factors that influence car travelers’ decisions. A questionnaire-based survey was carried out on single-occupant vehicle (SOV) users in the Green Line corridor of Karachi. This study investigated the elements that influence SOV users’ willingness to adopt the BRT system and studied the possible ways of attracting car drivers to BRT. Data were examined using descriptive-analytic techniques such as the contingency table approach in conjunction with a Chi-square test of the independence/association model in SPSS. Furthermore, binary logistic regression was applied to the highly mediated associated variables. The research’s outcomes were geared at the imposition of parking fees at workplaces to deter individuals from parking their automobiles there. SOV travelers can be diverted to BRT services using this strategy. The research findings will assist policymakers and serve as a foundation for scientific investigations on the travel demand model for the BRT system.
Research center :
Department of Civil Engineering, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro 76062, Sindh, Pakistan
Disciplines :
Engineering, computing & technology: Multidisciplinary, general & others
Author, co-author :
Soomro, Rabia
Memon, Irfan Ahmed 
Pathan, Agha Faisal Habib
Mahar, Waqas Ahmed  ;  Université de Liège - ULiège > Urban and Environmental Engineering
Sahito, Noman 
Lashari, Zulfiqar Ali
Language :
Title :
Factors That Influence Travelers’ Willingness to Adopt Bus Rapid Transit (Green Line) Service in Karachi
Publication date :
16 August 2022
Journal title :
Publisher :
MDPI AG, Basel, Switzerland
Special issue title :
Challenges for Carbon Neutrality in the Energy Sector of Developing Countries
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Pages :
Peer reviewed :
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Development Goals :
11. Sustainable cities and communities
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