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Strategies for Studying Acidification and Eutrophication Potentials, a Case Study of 150 Countries
Kameni Nematchoua, Modeste
2022In J Multidiciplinary Science Journal
Peer reviewed


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Keywords :
acidification; eutrophication; neighborhood; countries; environmental impacts
Abstract :
[en] Acidification and eutrophication are two environmental impacts that have a significant effect on air pollution and human health. The quantitative analysis of these two impacts remains hitherto unknown at the scale of new neighborhoods. The main objective of this study is to evaluate, analyze and compare the acidification and eutrophication potentials of one neighborhood initially located in Belgium. For making this comparison, this neighborhood was built in 149 other countries by applying four parameters such as building materials, energy mix, occupants’ mobility and local climate. The environmental costs of acidification and eutrophication coming from this neighborhood were assessed over 100 years. This research, extended to the scale of several nations, will enable new researchers, and especially policy-makers, to measure the effectiveness of sustainable neighborhoods. Eutrophication and acidification potentials were assessed under different phases (construction, use, renovation and demolition), with Pleiades software (version The effects of the energy mix were the most significant among the other parameters. The results show that 72%, and 65% of acidification and eutrophication potentials are produced during the operational phase of the neighborhood. In the case of sustainable neighborhoods, the acidification potential is 22.1% higher in the 10 top low-income countries than in the 10 top high-income countries. At the neighborhood scale, the main eutrophication potential component is water (34.2%), while the main source of acidification potential is electricity production (45.1%).
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Author, co-author :
Kameni Nematchoua, Modeste ;  Université de Liège - ULiège > Urban and Environmental Engineering
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Title :
Strategies for Studying Acidification and Eutrophication Potentials, a Case Study of 150 Countries
Publication date :
01 March 2022
Journal title :
J Multidiciplinary Science Journal
Peer reviewed :
Peer reviewed
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