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Stray light characterization with ultrafast time-of-flight imaging
Clermont, Lionel; Uhring, wilfried; Georges, Marc
2021In Scientific Reports, 10081
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Keywords :
stray light; time of flight; ultrafast
Abstract :
[en] Understanding stray light (SL) is a crucial aspect in the development of high-end optical instruments, for instance space telescopes. As it drives image quality, SL must be controlled by design and characterized experimentally. However, conventional SL characterization methods are limited as they do not provide information on its origins. The problem is complex due to the diversity of light interaction processes with surfaces, creating various SL contributors. Therefore, when SL level is higher than expected, it can be difficult to determine how to improve the system. We demonstrate a new approach, ultrafast time-of-flight SL characterization, where a pulsed laser source and a streak camera are used to record individually SL contributors which travel with a specific optical path length. Furthermore, the optical path length offers a means of identification to determine its origin. We demonstrate this method in an imaging system, measuring and identifying individual ghosts and scattering components. We then show how it can be used to reverse-engineer the instrument SL origins.
Disciplines :
Aerospace & aeronautics engineering
Author, co-author :
Clermont, Lionel ;  Université de Liège - ULiège > CSL (Centre Spatial de Liège)
Uhring, wilfried
Georges, Marc ;  Université de Liège - ULiège > CSL (Centre Spatial de Liège)
Language :
Title :
Stray light characterization with ultrafast time-of-flight imaging
Publication date :
12 May 2021
Journal title :
Scientific Reports
Publisher :
Nature Publishing Group, London, United Kingdom
Volume :
Peer reviewed :
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