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Doctoral thesis (Dissertations and theses)
Analyse sociotechnique et organisationnelle du programme de sélection du bovin N’Dama au Sénégal
Camara, Younouss


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Keywords :
Bovin N’Dama, sélection génétique; innovations, motivations; appropriation, méthodes mixtes
Abstract :
[en] The objective of this thesis was to evaluate the N'Dama cattle breeding program in Senegal by questioning its organization, its appropriation by breeders and the involvement of other stakeholders. These elements determine the sustainability of low-input breeding programmes in developing countries. Our approach is based on the assumption that, in order to understand the problem of sustainability of these programs, a multidisciplinary analysis must be carried out. This analysis thus proposes to consider the sustainability of this programme as being based on different prerequisites integrating the inclusion of genetics among other innovations in the agricultural system (hypothesis 1), the practices, objectives and normative considerations of farmers (hypothesis 2), the involvement of stakeholders and the visions of designers in relation to the strategies developed (hypothesis 3). The results thus made it possible to analyse the links between the genetic innovation adopted and the practices of farmers, but also with their strategies according to their relations with other stakeholders and their expectations regarding the roles of each.
Precision for document type :
Critical notes/Edition
Disciplines :
Veterinary medicine & animal health
Author, co-author :
Camara, Younouss ;  Université de Liège - ULiège > Doct. sc. vété. (paysage)
Language :
Title :
Analyse sociotechnique et organisationnelle du programme de sélection du bovin N’Dama au Sénégal
Alternative titles :
[en] Socio-technical and organizational analysis of the N'Dama cattle-breeding program in Senegal
Defense date :
17 December 2019
Number of pages :
Institution :
ULiège - Université de Liège
Degree :
Docteur en sciences vétérinaires
Promotor :
Antoine-Moussiaux, Nicolas  ;  Université de Liège - ULiège > Département de gestion vétérinaire des Ressources Animales (DRA)


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