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‘Arm Brussel’ and ‘Manneke Pis’
Wuytack, Karel


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Keywords :
Arm Brussel; Manneke Pis; Baudelaire
Abstract :
[en] The title refers to two books of Geert van Istendaele. The first ‘Poor Brussels’ (1992) where he describes how in his ‘Bruoscelle’ the water in the form of the once so specific streams, ditches and pools disappeared. He speaks about the construction of the canals and docks the ornamental ponds and the overarched Zenne, who, even in the underground, no longer recognizes his own streambed. The second part refers to his little biography on ‘Manneke Pis’ (2010) a book in which he explores the eventful history of fountains and statues.
Research center :
Labo Ville Territoire Paysage
Disciplines :
Author, co-author :
Wuytack, Karel ;  Université de Liège - ULiège > Département d'Architecture > Architecture Site Botanique
Language :
Title :
‘Arm Brussel’ and ‘Manneke Pis’
Publication date :
26 June 2019
Number of pages :
50 - 55
Event name :
The 6th World Urbanisms Seminar
Event organizer :
KU Leuven
Event place :
Leuven, Belgium
Event date :
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since 08 November 2019


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