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Near-death experiences: actual considerations.
Charland-Verville, Vanessa; Martial, Charlotte; Cassol, Helena et al.
2017In Schnakers, Caroline; Laureys, Steven (Eds.) Coma and Disorders of Consciousness, Second Edition
Peer reviewed


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Abstract :
[en] The notion that death represents a passing to an afterlife, where we are reunited with loved ones and live eternally in a utopian paradise, is common in the anecdotal reports of people who have encountered a “near-death experience” (NDE). These experiences are usually portrayed as being extremely pleasant including features such as a feeling of peacefulness, the vision of a dark tunnel leading to a brilliant light, the sensation of leaving the body, or the experience of a life review. NDEs are increasingly being reported as a clearly identifiable physiological and psychological reality of clinical and scientific significance. The definition and causes of the phenomenon as well as the identification of NDE experiencers are still matters of debate. The phenomenon has been thoroughly portrayed by the media, but the science of NDEs is rather recent and still lacking of rigorous experimental data and reproducible controlled experiments. It seems that the most appropriate theories to explain the phenomenon tend to integrate both psychological and neurobiological mechanisms. The paradoxical dissociation between the richness and intensity of the memory, probably occurring during a moment of brain dysfunction, offers a unique opportunity to better understand the neural correlates of consciousness. In this chapter, we will attempt to describe NDEs and the methods to identify them. We will also briefly discuss the NDE experiencers’ characteristics. We will then address the main current explicative models and the science of NDEs.
Disciplines :
Theoretical & cognitive psychology
Author, co-author :
Charland-Verville, Vanessa ;  Université de Liège > Centre de recherches du cyclotron
Martial, Charlotte  ;  Université de Liège > GIGA : Coma Group
Cassol, Helena ;  Université de Liège > GIGA : Coma Group
Laureys, Steven  ;  Université de Liège > GIGA : Coma Group
Language :
Title :
Near-death experiences: actual considerations.
Publication date :
Main work title :
Coma and Disorders of Consciousness, Second Edition
Author, co-author :
Schnakers, Caroline
Laureys, Steven  ;  Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Liège - CHU > Centre du Cerveau²
Publisher :
Peer reviewed :
Peer reviewed
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