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Cognitive processes across anxiety disorders related to intolerance of uncertainty: Clinical Review
Vander Haegen, Marie  ; Etienne, Anne-Marie 
2016 • In Cogent Psychology, 3
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Keywords :
intolerance of uncertainty; cognitive processes; anxiety disorders; metacognition
Abstract :
[en] Abstract: Objective: Being a relatively recent concept, the intolerance of uncertainty (IU) suffers from inconsistent definitions and conceptual overlap. The core objective of the study is to clarify its clinical manifestations and its involved cognitive processes. Method: The procedure is based on algorithms (equations of keywords) encoded simultaneously in databases (Scopus, PubMed, and PsycArticles). Results are filtered by the year (range of 10 years [2005–2015] because it is a recent concept) and the relevance of abstracts. Once the studies are appraised, results are categorized in two groups: studies which examine the IU in a clinical perspective (relations with one or several anxiety disorders) (cluster A) and those which measure the IU through a cognitive perspective (cognition, metacognition) (cluster B). Results: 66 results are retrieved: 50 results concern the cluster A and 16 examine the cluster B. The state of the IU varies between studies (e.g. predictor and mediator), which make comparisons difficult. Notwithstanding, the IU construct seems to be a broad transdiagnostic maintaining risk factor involved in a range of psychological disorders. Conclusion: This clustering supported that researchers and clinicians may benefit from incorporating IU within cognitive and computational research design and as a specific treatment target.
Disciplines :
Theoretical & cognitive psychology
Author, co-author :
Vander Haegen, Marie  ;  Université de Liège - ULiège > Doct. sc. psycho. & éduc. (paysage)
Etienne, Anne-Marie  ;  Université de Liège > Département de Psychologie > Psychologie de la santé
Language :
Title :
Cognitive processes across anxiety disorders related to intolerance of uncertainty: Clinical Review
Alternative titles :
[fr] Les processus cognitifs dans l'anxiété liés à l'intolérance à l'incertitude: Revue Clinique
Publication date :
July 2016
Journal title :
Cogent Psychology
Publisher :
Volume :
Peer reviewed :
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