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On the Quality of BGP Route Collectors for iBGP Policy Inference
Cittadini, Luca; Vissicchio, Stefano; Donnet, Benoît 
2014 • In IFIP Networking
Peer reviewed


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Keywords :
iBGP policies; Internet topology; Route Collector; Bias
Abstract :
[en] A significant portion of what is known about Internet routing stems out from public BGP datasets. For this reason, numerous research efforts were devoted to (i) assessing the (in)completeness of the datasets, (ii) identifying biases in the dataset, and (iii) augmenting data quality by optimally placing new collectors. However, those studies focused on techniques to extract information about the AS-level Internet topology. In this paper, we show that considering different metrics influences the conclusions about biases and collector placement. Namely, we compare AS-level topology discovery with \iac inference. We find that the same datasets exhibit significantly diverse biases for these two metrics. For example, the sensitivity to the number and position of collectors is noticeably different. Moreover, for both metrics, the marginal utility of adding a new collector is strongly localized with respect to the proximity of the collector. Our results suggest that the ``optimal'' position for new collectors can only be defined with respect to a specific metric, hence posing a fundamental trade-off for maximizing the utility of extensions to the BGP data collection infrastructure.
Disciplines :
Computer science
Author, co-author :
Cittadini, Luca
Vissicchio, Stefano
Donnet, Benoît  ;  Université de Liège - ULiège > Dép. d'électric., électron. et informat. (Inst.Montefiore) > Algorithmique des grands systèmes
Language :
Title :
On the Quality of BGP Route Collectors for iBGP Policy Inference
Publication date :
June 2014
Event name :
IFIP Networking
Event place :
Trondheim, Norway
Event date :
du 2 juin 2014 au 4 juin 2014
Audience :
Main work title :
IFIP Networking
Peer reviewed :
Peer reviewed
European Projects :
FP7 - 318627 - MPLANE - mPlane – an Intelligent Measurement Plane for Future Network and Application Management
Funders :
CE - Commission Européenne


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