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The Usability of Green Building Rating Systems in Hot Arid Climates
Attia, Shady
2014In ASHRAE Energy & Indoor Environment for Hot Climates
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Keywords :
rating systems; hot climates; PEARL; Estidama; LEED; QSAS; SI 5281; GPRS
Abstract :
[en] To develop adaptable and context sensitive building rating systems, the present work aimed to evaluate four rating systems that emerged recently in the Middle East. Literature review and cross comparison analysis showed that the four examined rating systems namely, Green Pyramid Rating System (Egypt), Green Building Standard SI 5281 (Israel), Qatar Sustainability Assessment System (QSAS) and Pearl Building Rating System (UAE) are not enough adopted to local environmental, cultural, historical, societal and economic context. They showed also a comparable similarity since they all imitate the American LEED and British BREEAM rating systems. The paper elaborates on the comparison results and presents recommendations to improve the questioned rating systems and remind designers with the principles and strategies of sustainable design that goes beyond the existing rating systems in hot climate. The evaluation of the four systems might provide a new approach for regional harmonization among the four systems and the development of adaptable and context sensitive rating system.
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Author, co-author :
Attia, Shady  ;  Université de Liège - ULiège > Département Argenco : Secteur A&U > Techniques de construction des bâtiments
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Title :
The Usability of Green Building Rating Systems in Hot Arid Climates
Publication date :
24 February 2014
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Energy & Indoor Environment for Hot Climates
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Doha, Qatar
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ASHRAE Energy & Indoor Environment for Hot Climates
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Peer reviewed
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