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Sheep do have opinions
Despret, Vinciane
2006In Latour Bruno, Weibel Peter (Ed.) Making Things Public. Atmospheres of Democracy


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Keywords :
Sheep primates animals studies hierarchy epistemology
Abstract :
[en] For the past few years the inhabitants of a hamlet on the outskirts of the village of Ingleton in Yorkshire, England, have been witnessing a strange exercise every morning. A woman, said to have been one of the most renowned primatologists in the English-speaking world, spends her day in a field in front of her house, observing animals that she has put there. As she did during her many years of field work in Africa studying apes, primatologist Thelma Rowell patiently notes all the movements, anecdotes and tiny events making up the daily social life of the animals to which she is currently devoting her time. Admittedly, these animals are different to the ones she was used to spending time with: the relations are not characterized by the same intensity, the behaviors are peculiar to the species, the communication does not always pass by the same channels, and the events seem to take place at another pace. But as far as their social expertise is concerned, these animals are certainly on a par with apes.
Disciplines :
Philosophy & ethics
Author, co-author :
Despret, Vinciane ;  Université de Liège - ULiège > Département de philosophie > Département de philosophie
Language :
Title :
Sheep do have opinions
Publication date :
Main work title :
Making Things Public. Atmospheres of Democracy
Editor :
Latour Bruno, Weibel Peter
Publisher :
MIT Press, Cambridge, United States - Massachusetts
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