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Relationships between structure-interfacial-functional properties: The rheology at interfaces from small to polymeric carbohydrate-based surfactants
Razafindralambo, Hary [Université de Liège - ULiège > Chimie et bio-industries > Chimie biologique industrielle >]
243rd ACS National Meeting
25-29 march 2012
American Chemical Society
San Diego
[en] Amphiphilc molecules ; carbohydrate-based surfactants ; air-water interface ; colloidal systems ; rheological properties ; foam ; polymeric surfactants ; structure-interfacial-functional relationships
[en] Amphiphilc molecules are one of the most important compounds in our planet owing to their fundamental role as catalysts of interfacial free energy in nature, biological systems, and manufacturated products [1]. Their chemical structure and configuration, which governs their properties and activities, may be classified in small, intermediate, and large sizes. To better understand the effect of such a parameter, the behaviors of various carbohydrate-based surfactants, from small to polymeric molecular structures at the air-water interface, and in bulk liquid for their ability to form and stabilize related colloidal systems like micelles and foams have been investigated. In particular, rheological properties including elasticity and viscosity components at the air-water interface have been determined by oscillatiory mode under different oscillation frequency and surfactant concentration conditions using a pending drop tensiometer system. Their micellar and foaming properties have been characterized and evaluated in terms of CMC-micelle size and formation-stability, respectively.

[1] Razafindralambo, H.; Blecker, C.; Paquot, M., Screening of Basic Properties of Amphiphilic Molecular Structures for Colloidal System Formation and Stability. In Amphiphiles: Molecular Assembly and Applications, Ed. R. Nagarajan, American Chemical Society: 2011;. Vol. 1070, pp 53-66.
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