Gourmet Camille

Main Referenced Co-authors
Colinet, Gilles  (1)
De Clerck, Caroline  (1)
Degré, Aurore  (1)
Delaplace, Pierre  (1)
Dincher, Marie  (1)
Main Referenced Disciplines
Agriculture & agronomy (1)

Publications (total 1)

De Clerck, C., Jacques, F., Lerogeron, L., Gourmet, C., Grossemy, O., Lassois, L., Médart, D., Thonar, C., Colinet, G., Dincher, M., Massart, S., Degré, A., Delaplace, P., & Jijakli, H. (2023). Permacultural raised bed composition impacts yields and soil properties: results of a 3-years trial [Poster presentation]. Wageningen soil conference 2023, wageningen, Netherlands.
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