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As a depositor

Identify yourself with your ULiège/CHU id (Uxxxx, Cxxxx, Sxxxx). You must have a valid ULiège email. 

On your MyORBi dashboard, pending tasks are displayed  and can be accessed instantly . You can see your most recently added publications, begin a new submission or access your personal statistics.

The MyORBi menu is located in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on your name to bring it up and access all myORBi features:

  • MyORBi: myORBi homepage
  • My Unfinished deposits: References to finalise (in progress, to validate, to sign...)
  • My Publications : List of your publications in search format
  • My Reports: export a publications list
  • My Statistics: your personnal statistics only
  • My Profile: manage profile, add your ORCID, choose a representative
  • My Copy request: management of reprints

As a visitor

Member of ULiège? Log in to access all ORBi features and restricted documents.

Search for publications

The search bar on the home page allows you to search:

  • In all fields
  • The title, abstract and keywords
  • Among the authors and contributors

You can then filter the results in the sidebar that appears on the left.

The databases allow you to browse:

  • The list of document types and their associated publications
  • The list of disciplines and their associated publications

Predefined searches allow you to access:

  • The complete list of references
  • The list of references with an Open Access full text
  • The list of recently added references

Whatever the type of search you use, you can always refine your results via the list in the sidebar.

Read publications

The ORBi user can read, download, copy, distribute and print the work as long as he/she agrees:

  • To indicate, in any quotation, the source of the work and the name(s) of the author(s)
  • Not to modify, transform or adapt the work without explicit authorisation from the author
  • Not to use the work for commercial purposes
  • Not to use the work in such a way as to harm its exploitation in other forms
And the copyright?

Contrary to popular belief, Open Access to documents does not change the rights that an author has over their publication. It is therefore not possible to do whatever you want with Open Access documents.

If the file is licenced under Creative Commons

The user of ORBi must comply with the conditions prescribed by the CC license under which the document is published. LEARN +

If the file is not available in Open Access

Restricted documents are only accessible to identified ULiège and CHU staff members. The documents in private access are visible and accessible only to the authors and co-authors of the reference and cannot be used by third parties.

View the statistics

It is possible to view and download (CSV, JPEG, PDF...) different statistics on ORBi.

On the one hand, global statistics:

  • ORBi usage (number of downloads, number of views, origin of ORBi visitors)
  • ORBi content (evolution of the submissions by year, percentage of documents with Open Access and full text, types of documents, fields)
  • Top 20 on ORBi (Most viewed/downloaded references and authors, journals with the most submissions)

But also statistics by reference:

  • Downloads/views by country
  • Number of downloads and views
  • Origin of visitors
  • Number of citations from different sources (Scopus, Dimensions, Crossref)

Check the researchers' profiles

The ULiège researchers' profiles on ORBi are accessible to everybody via the detailed references of publications by clicking on the ULiège icon next to the author's name.

In addition to the basic information, a profile can contain:

  • ORCID of the researcher
  • Links to Google Scholar, Scopus, Twitter
  • The link to their contact data in the institutional directory
  • Information related to their publications on ORBi:
    • Research Centres and Departments
    • main research fields
    • keywords used in the publications
    • main co-authors from the institution
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