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What is ORCID?

The Open Researcher & Contributor ID (ORCID) was created in 2009 to address the problems of homonymity among researchers in scientific communication. 
It is a unique form of identification for authors of scientific publications. It is:

It is a permanent identification that will never be reassigned to another person.
Once created, however, an ORCID can be deactivated and all related data will then be deleted, except for the main email which is kept encrypted and the ORCID itself. The researcher can reactivate his ORCID at any time.

It is not limited to certain fields, institutions or countries.

It is maintained by a non-profit organisation supported financially by large number of institutions (publishers, universities, research funding agencies).
Researchers can create, modify and manage their ORCID profile and data for free.

All organisations involved in scientific research can join ORCID.
Access to ORCID services is transparent.
It is interoperable.
ORCID prefers an open source for the software it uses and the software it develops.
ORCID data is made available free of charge in a standard format under a CC0 license once a year, in accordance with the confidentiality rules defined by the researchers.

Who uses ORCID?

ORCID est utilisé mondialement par :

  • Publishers
  • Research institutions
  • Research funding bodies

Why use ORCID?


  • Distinguishes you from your potential namesakes
  • Links you reliably and easily to your search results and affiliations
  • Gives you better visibility and recognition
  • Saves you time through interoperability: it has the same philosophy as ORBi: "Enter once, re-use often"
  • Allows you to connect your profiles and search results across a wide range of publishers, institutions and funding agencies
  • Gives you control over your data and lets you choose who can access and use it at any time

In practice, use your ORCID to:

  • Submit a manuscript to a publisher
  • Apply for a grant
  • Establish a Data Management Plan
  • Submit your publications in Open Access
  • Make your research data freely accessible

Create and use your ORCID

Step 1 : Create your ORCID

If you don’t already have one: create your ORCID now in less than one minute.

Step 2 : Connect your ORCID to MyORBi

With only a few clicks, link myORBi to ORCID and choose the authorisations you wish to assign to us.
By giving ORBi permission to link with your ORCID, you will allow us to:

  • register and display your login
  • link ORBI information with ORCID information
  • automatically push your membership into ORCID

You can also link your ORCID with publisher manuscript submission systems and funding application systems that use it.

You stay in control!

At any given time, you and you alone decide who can access your data and to what extent.

Each piece of information, regardless of the others, can be public, private or accessible only to "trusted parties", i.e. organisations and persons that you have defined as such. The trusted parties and organisations can be managed in your account settings. All given permissions can easily be revoked.

Step 3 : Enhance your profile

Your ORCID profile will automatically be expanded with the information collected through the authorisations you give to trusted organisations. But first, it is important to make your ORCID profile unique and easily recognisable.

You can therefore complete your profile manually and add the following:

  • A short biography
  • Your affiliations
  • Your qualifications
  • Your publications

You can add this information by encoding it yourself but also, whenever possible, by using import tools.

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