AIASHI: An innovative project for ORBi

April 26, 2024

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Michel Moutschen, ULiège's Vice-Rector of Research, initiated a project to enhance ORBi. Key aspects include exploring ULiège's scientific trends and analyzing knowledge gaps to inspire new research areas. 

Library governance must adapt to technology for the future, involving researchers, librarians, and administrators to shape policies and resources. 

Strategic Direction and Inclusive Decision-Making ORBi's initiative will boost the visibility of ULiège's research globally and promote collaboration by showcasing researchers' impact and expertise.

ORBi aims to empower researchers to advance knowledge through accessibility, organization, and planning. 

AIASHI, a research project at HEC ULiege, develops AI technologies for document analysis using NLP and ML. One tool they are creating is HTMOT, which tracks document topics over time to aid research and collaboration. 

AIASHI will analyze 86,000 Open Access articles for ORBi's use. However, it will not initially cover citations, affiliations, or metadata. 

ORBi and AIASHI will follow GDPR rules when using personal data for research, with the support of ULiege’s Data Protection Officer. 

For research, we will protect personal data in documents by making it anonymous whenever possible. ORBi is dedicated to being transparent about its research. This includes explaining why personal data is used, respecting authors' privacy, and giving authors a choice to opt out.

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