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26 April 2012
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Reforming the Postal Universal Service
Gautier, Axel; Poudou, Jean-Christophe
20127th Postal conference on the economics of the postal sector in a digital world


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Keywords :
Postal sector; Universal service; Digitalization
Abstract :
[en] The postal sector has dramatically changed in the recent years with the ongoing liberalization process and the increased competitive pressures from alternative communication channels (e-substitution). These two effects concur to decrease the mail volume handled by the historical operator which in turn may threaten the financial viability of the universal service and may call for a reform of the universal service. This paper examines the question of reforming the postal universal service, first by considering that the universal service remains confined in the postal word and, latter, by defining a universal service that includes postal and electronic technologies.
Disciplines :
Author, co-author :
Gautier, Axel  ;  Université de Liège - ULiège > HEC-Ecole de gestion : UER > Economie industrielle
Poudou, Jean-Christophe
Language :
Title :
Reforming the Postal Universal Service
Publication date :
22 March 2012
Event name :
7th Postal conference on the economics of the postal sector in a digital world
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Event place :
Toulouse, France
Event date :
March 22-23
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