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See detailThe taxonomy of the Trichophyton rubrum complex: a phylogenomic approach
Cornet, Luc; D'Hooge, Elizabet; Magain, Nicolas; Stubbe, Dirk; Packeu, Ann; Baurain, Denis; Becker, Pierre

in Microbial Genomics (2021)

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See detailZRT-IRT-Like PROTEIN 6 expression perturbs local ion homeostasis in flowers and leads to anther indehiscence and male sterility.
Spielmann, Julien; Detry, Nathalie; Thiébaut, Noémie; Jadoul, Alice; Schloesser, Marie; Motte, Patrick; Périlleux, Claire; Hanikenne, Marc

in Plant, cell & environment (2021)

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See detailTrophic state alters the mechanism whereby energetic coupling between photosynthesis and respiration occurs in Euglena gracilis
Gain, Gwenaëlle; Vega de Luna, Felix; Córdoba Jacoste, Francisco Javier; Perez, Emilie; Degand, Hervé; Morsomme, Pierre; Thiry, Marc; Baurain, Denis; Pierangelini, Mattia; Cardol, Pierre

in New Phytologist (2021)

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See detailDe Novo Transcriptome Meta-Assembly of the Mixotrophic Freshwater Microalga Euglena gracilis.
Córdoba Jacoste, Francisco Javier; Perez, Emilie; Van Vlierberghe, Mick; Bertrand, Amandine; Lupo, Valérian; Cardol, Pierre; Baurain, Denis

in Genes (2021), 12(6),

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See detailLong-term acclimation to cadmium exposure reveals extensive phenotypic plasticity in Chlamydomonas
Thiriet-Rupert, Stanislas; Gain, Gwenaëlle; Jadoul, Alice; Vigneron, Amandine; Bosman, Bernard; Carnol, Monique; Motte, Patrick; Nouet, Cécile; Hanikenne, Marc

in Plant Physiology (2021)

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See detailTranscriptional regulation of ZIP genes is independent of local zinc status in Brachypodium shoots upon zinc deficiency and resupply.
Amini, Sahand; Arsova, Borjana; Gobert, Sylvie; Carnol, Monique; Bosman, Bernard; Motte, Patrick; Watt, Michelle; Hanikenne, Marc

in Plant, cell & environment (2021)

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See detailResponse of dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP) and dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) cell quotas to oxidative stress in three phytoplankton species
Royer, Colin; Gypens, Nathalie; Cardol, Pierre; Borges, Alberto; Roberty, Stéphane

in Journal of Plankton Research (2021), 43(5), 673-690

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See detailDecontamination, pooling and dereplication of the 678 samples of the Marine Microbial Eukaryote Transcriptome Sequencing Project.
Van Vlierberghe, Mick; Di Franco, Arnaud; Philippe, Hervé; Baurain, Denis

in BMC Research Notes (2021), 14(1), 306

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See detailBroadly sampled orthologous groups of eukaryotic proteins for the phylogenetic study of plastid-bearing lineages.
Van Vlierberghe, Mick; Philippe, Hervé; Baurain, Denis

in BMC Research Notes (2021), 14(1), 143

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See detailOpen-hardware wireless controller and 3D-printed pumps for efficient liquid manipulation
Gervasi, Alain; Cardol, Pierre; Meyer, Patrick

in HardwareX (2021), 9

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See detailReactive Oxygen Species and Organellar Signaling
Phua, Su Yin; De Smet, Barbara; Remacle, Claire; Chan, Kai Xun; Van Breusegem, Frank

in Journal of Experimental Botany (2021), 10.1093/jxb/erab218

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See detailToRQuEMaDA: tool for retrieving queried Eubacteria, metadata and dereplicating assemblies
Léonard, Raphaël; Leleu, Marie; Van Vlierberghe, Mick; Cornet, Luc; Kerff, Frédéric; Baurain, Denis

in PeerJ (2021), 9

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See detailEx Vivo Antioxidant Capacities of Fruit and Vegetable Juices. Potential In Vivo Extrapolation
Matute Matute, Alexis Fernando; Tabart, Jessica; CHERAMY-BIEN, Jean-Paul; Kevers, Claire; Dommes, Jacques; Defraigne, Jean-Olivier; PINCEMAIL, Joël

in Antioxidants (2021), 10

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See detail[(18)F]FDG PET radiomics to predict disease-free survival in cervical cancer: a multi-scanner/center study with external validation.
Da Silva Ferreira, Marta; LOVINFOSSE, Pierre; HERMESSE, Johanne; DE CUYPERE, Marjolein; Rousseau, Caroline; Lucia, François; Schick, Ulrike; Reinhold, Caroline; Robin, Philippe; Hatt, Mathieu; Visvikis, Dimitris; Bernard, Claire; Leijenaar, Ralph T. H.; Kridelka, Frédéric; Lambin, Philippe; Meyer, Patrick; Hustinx, Roland

in European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging (2021)

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See detailMixotrophic growth of the extremophile Galdieria sulphuraria reveals the flexibility of its carbon assimilation metabolism
Curien, Gilles; Lyska, Dagmar; Guglielmino, Erika; Westhoff, Phillip; Janetzko, Janina; Tardif, Marianne; Hallopeau, Clement; Brugière, Sabine; Dal Bo, Davide; Decelle, Johan; Gallet, Benoit; Falconet, Denis; Carone, Michele; Remacle, Claire; Ferro, Myriam; Weber; Finazzi, Giovanni

in New Phytologist (2021), 231

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See detailOccurrence, Evolution and Specificities of Iron-Sulfur Proteins and Maturation Factors in Chloroplasts from Algae
Przybyla-Toscano, Jonathan; Couturier, Jérémy; Remacle, Claire; Rouhier, Nicolas

in International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2021), 22(6), 3175

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See detailExploring syntenic conservation across genomes for phylogenetic studies of organisms subjected to horizontal gene transfers: a case study with Cyanobacteria and cyanolichens
Cornet, Luc; Magain, Nicolas; Baurain, Denis; Lutzoni, François

in Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution (2021)

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See detailAdaptation of Arabidopsis halleri to extreme metal pollution through limited metal accumulation involves changes in cell wall composition and metal homeostasis.
Corso, Massimiliano; An, Xinhui; Jones, Catherine Yvonne; Doblas, Verónica G.; Schvartzman Echenique, Maria Sol; Malkowski, Eugeniusz; Willats, William G. T.; Hanikenne, Marc; Verbruggen, Nathalie

in New Phytologist (2021), 230

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See detailPhysiology and Molecular Biology of Trace Element Hyperaccumulation
Merlot, Sylvain; Garcia de la Torre, Vanesa Sanchez; Hanikenne, Marc

in van der Ent, Antony; Baker, Alan; Echevarria, Guillaume; Simonnot, Marie-Odile; Morel, Jean-Louis (Eds.) Agromining: Farming for Metals - Extracting Unconventional Resources Using Plants, 2d edition (2021)

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See detailCoordinated homeostasis of essential mineral nutrients: a focus on iron.
Hanikenne, Marc; Cardoso Esteves, Sara Marina; Fanara, Steven; Rouached, Hatem

in Journal of experimental botany (2021), 72