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See detailProteomic changes in leaves of poplar exposed to both cadmium and low-temperature
Sergeant, Kjell; Kieffer, Pol; Dommes, Jacques; Hausman, Jean-François; Renaut, Jenny

in Environmental and Experimental Botany (2014), 106

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See detailRegulation of Electron Transport in Photosynthesis - Chapter 16
Johnson, Giles; Minagawa, Jun; Cardol, Pierre; Finazzi, Giovanni

in Theg, Steve; Wollman, Francis-André (Eds.) Plastid Biology (2014)

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See detailAntioxidant fractions and phenolic constituents from leaves of Pluchea carolinensis and Pluchea rosea
Perera Cordoba, Wilmer Hervet; Wauters, Jean-Noël; Kevers, Claire; Frederich, Michel; Dommes, Jacques

in Free Radicals and Antioxidants (2014), 4(2), 1-7

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See detailModeling the dependence of respiration and photosynthesis upon light, acetate, carbon dioxide, nitrate and ammonium in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii using design of experiments and multiple regression
Gerin, Stéphanie; Mathy, Gregory; Franck, Fabrice

in BMC Systems Biology (2014), 8(96),

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See detailLiver proteomic response to hypertriglyceridemia in human-apolipoprotein C-III transgenic mice at cellular and mitochondrial compartment levels
Ehx, Grégory; Gerin, Stéphanie; Mathy, Grégory; Franck, Fabrice; Oliveira, Helena CF; Vercesi, Anibal E; Sluse, Francis

in Lipids in Health and Disease (2014), 13

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See detailAntioxidant capacity and phenolic composition of red wines from various grape varieties: Specificity of Pinot Noir.
Van Leeuw, Robin; Kevers, Claire; PINCEMAIL, Joël; Defraigne, Jean-Olivier; Dommes, Jacques

in Journal of Food Composition and Analysis (2014), 36

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See detailEffect of polyamines or precursors on the hyperhydricity process in micropropagated apple trees.
Tabart, Jessica; Franck, Thierry; Kevers, Claire; Dommes, Jacques

in Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture (2014)

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See detailEffect of lignocellulose related compounds on microalgae growth and product biosynthesis: a review
Miazek, Krystian; Remacle, Claire; Richel, Aurore; Goffin, Dorothée

in Energies (2014), 7(2014), 4446-4481

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See detailIon homeostasis in the chloroplast
Hanikenne, Marc; Bernal, Maria; Urzica, Eugen

in Wollman, Francis-Andre; Theg, Steve M. (Eds.) Plastid Biology (2014)

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See detailPSI Mehler reaction is the main alternative photosynthetic electron pathway in Symbiodinium sp., symbiotic dinoflagellates of cnidarians
Roberty, Stéphane; Bailleul, Benjamin; Berne, Nicolas; Franck, Fabrice; Cardol, Pierre

in New Phytologist (2014), 204(1), 81-91

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See detailInflorescence development in tomato: gene functions within a zigzag model.
Périlleux, Claire; Lobet, Guillaume; Tocquin, Pierre

in Frontiers in Plant Science (2014), 5

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See detailThe Rank Minrelation Coefficient
Meyer, Patrick

in Quality Technology and Quantitative Management (2014), 11

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See detailCombined intracellular nitrate and NIT2 effects on storage carbohydrate metabolism in Chlamydomonas
Remacle, Claire; Eppe, Gauthier; Coosemans, Nadine; Fernandez, Emilio; Vigeolas, Hélène

in Journal of Experimental Botany (2014), 65

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See detailChromera velia, Endosymbioses and the Rhodoplex Hypothesis - Plastid Evolution in Cryptophytes, Alveolates, Stramenopiles and Haptophytes (CASH Lineages)
Petersen, Jörn; Ludewig, Ann-Kathrin; Michael, Victoria; Bunk, Boyke; Jarek, Michael; Baurain, Denis; Brinkmann, Henner

in Genome Biology and Evolution (2014), 6(3), 666-684

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See detailThe mitochondrial respiratory chain of the secondary green alga Euglena gracilis shares many additional subunits with parasitic Trypanosomatidae.
Perez, Emilie; Lapaille, Marie; Degand, Herve; Cilibrasi, Laura; Villavicencio-Queijeiro, Alexa; Morsomme, Pierre; Gonzalez-Halphen, Diego; Field, Mark C.; Remacle, Claire; Baurain, Denis; Cardol, Pierre

in Mitochondrion (2014), 19 Pt B

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See detailLack of isocitrate lyase in Chlamydomonas leads to changes in carbon metabolism and in the response to oxidative stress under mixotrophic growth.
Plancke, Charlotte; Vigeolas, Hélène; Hohner, Ricarda; Roberty, Stéphane; Emonds-Alt, Barbara; Larosa, Véronique; Willamme, Rémi; Duby, Franceline; Onga Dhali, David; Thonart, Philippe; Hiligsmann, Serge; Franck, Fabrice; Eppe, Gauthier; Cardol, Pierre; Hippler, Michael; Remacle, Claire

in Plant Journal (2014), 77(3), 404-417

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See detailPlant Water Uptake in Drying Soils
Lobet, Guillaume; Couvreur, Valentin; Meunier, Félicien; Javaux, Mathieu; Draye, Xavier

in Plant Physiology (2014), in press

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See detailOrigin and evolution of metal P-type ATPases in Plantae (Archaeplastida)
Hanikenne, Marc; Baurain, Denis

in Frontiers in Plant Science (2014), 4

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See detailReprogramming of fatty acid and oxylipin synthesis in rhizobacteria-induced systemic resistance in tomato
Mariutto, Martin; Fauconnier, Marie-Laure; Ongena, Marc; Laloux, Morgan; Wathelet, Jean-Paul; du Jardin, Patrick; Thonart, Philippe; Dommes, Jacques

in Plant Molecular Biology (2014), 84(4-5), 455-476

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See detailA modeling approach to determine the importance of dynamic regulation of plant hydraulic conductivities on the water uptake dynamics in the soil-plant-atmosphere system
Lobet, Guillaume; Pagès, Loïc; Draye, Xavier

in Ecological Modelling (2014), (0), 1-11

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See detailAntioxidant capacity of small dark fruits. Influence of cultivars and harvest time
Kevers, Claire; PINCEMAIL, Joël; Defraigne, Jean-Olivier; Dommes, Jacques

in Journal of Berry Research (2014), 4

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See detailInteractions of subunits Asa2, Asa4 and Asa7 in the peripheral stalk of the mitochondrial ATP synthase of the chlorophycean alga Polytomella sp.
Miranda-Astudillo, Hector; Cano-Estrada, Araceli; Vazquez-Acevedo, Miriam; Colina-Tenorio, Lilia; Downie-Velasco, Angela; Cardol, Pierre; Remacle, Claire; Domínguez-Ramírez, Lenin; Gonzalez-Halphen, Diego

in Biochimica et Biophysica Acta. Bioenergetics (2014), 1837

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See detailPlant defense stimulation by natural isolates of Bacillus depends on efficient surfactin production
Cawoy, Hélène; Mariutto, Martin; Henry, Guillaume; Fischer, Christophe; Vasilyeva, Natallia; Thonart, Philippe; Dommes, Jacques; Ongena, Marc

in Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (2014), 27

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See detailAnalysis of PSII antenna size heterogeneity of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii during state transitions
de Marchin, Thomas; Ghysels, Bart; Nicolay, Samuel; Franck, Fabrice

in Biochimica et Biophysica Acta. Bioenergetics (2014), 1837(1), 121-130

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See detailAntioxidant capacity of hydrophilic food matrices: optimization and validation of ORAC assay.
Kevers, Claire; Sipel, Arnaud; PINCEMAIL, Joël; Dommes, Jacques

in Food Analytical Methods (2014), 7