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See detailTwo PR-1 loci detected in the native cultivated potato Solanum phureja appear differentially expressed upon challenge by late blight
Evers, Danièle; Schweitzer, C.; Nicot, N.; Gigliotti, S.; Herrera, M. R.; Hausman, Jean-François; Hoffmann, Lucien; Trognitz, B.; Dommes, Jacques; Ghislain, Marc

in Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology (2006), 67(3-5, SEP-OCT), 155-163

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See detailA late blight resistant potato plant overexpresses a gene coding for alpha-galactosidase upon infection by Phytophthora infestans
Evers, Danièle; Ghislain, Marc; Hoffmann, Lucien; Hausman, Jean-François; Dommes, Jacques

in Biologia Plantarum (2006), 50(2), 265-271

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See detailVertebrate origins: does the tunic make the man?
Delsuc, Frédéric; Baurain, Denis; Philippe, Hervé

in MS. Medecine Sciences (2006), 22(8-9, AUG-SEP), 688-690

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See detailCytokinin application to the shoot apical meristem of Sinapis alba enhances secondary plasmodesmata formation.
Ormenese, Sandra; Bernier, Georges; Périlleux, Claire

in Planta (2006), 224(6), 1481-4

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See detailHigh-efficiency biolistic transformation of Chlamydomonas mitochondria can be used to insert mutations in complex I genes
Remacle, Claire; Cardol, Pierre; Coosemans, Nadine; Gaisne, Mauricette; Bonnefoy, Nathalie

in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2006), 103(12), 4771-4776

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See detailND3 and ND4L subunits of mitochondrial complex I, both nucleus encoded in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, are required for activity and assembly of the enzyme
Cardol, Pierre; Lapaille, Marie; Minet, P.; Franck, Fabrice; Matagne, René-Fernand; Remacle, Claire

in Eukaryotic Cell (2006), 5(9), 1460-1467

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See detailThe mitochondrial ATP synthase of chlorophycean algae contains eight subunits of unknown origin involved in the formation of an atypical stator-stalk and in the dimerization of the complex
Vazquez-Acevedo, Miriam; Cardol, Pierre; Cano-Estrada, Araceli; Lapaille, Marie; Remacle, Claire; Gonzalez-Halphen, Diego

in Journal of Bioenergetics and Biomembranes (2006), 38(5-6), 271-282

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See detailExpression of the somatolactin beta gene during zebrafish embryonic development
Lopez, Mauricio; Nica, G.; Motte, Patrick; Martial, Joseph; Hammerschmidt, Matthias; Muller, Marc

in Gene Expression Patterns (2006), 6(2), 156-161

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See detailAcclimation of Arabidopsis thaliana to long-term CO2 enrichment and nitrogen supply is basically a matter of growth rate adjustment
Tocquin, Pierre; Ormenese, Sandra; Pieltain, Alexandra; Detry, Nathalie; Bernier, Georges; Périlleux, Claire

in Physiologia Plantarum (2006), 128(4), 677-688

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See detailLeaf carbohydrate controls over Arabidopsis growth and response to elevated CO2: an experimentally based model
Rasse, Daniel; Tocquin, Pierre

in New Phytologist (2006), 172(3), 500-513

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See detailInsights into nuclear organization in plants as revealed by the dynamic distribution of Arabidopsis SR splicing factors
Tillemans, Vinciane; Leponce, Isabelle; Rausin, Glwadys; Dispa, Laurence; Motte, Patrick

in Plant Cell (2006), 18(11), 3218-3234

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See detailAntioxidant capacity of black currant varies with organ, season, and cultivar
Tabart, Jessica; Kevers, Claire; Pincemail, Joël; Defraigne, Jean-Olivier; Dommes, Jacques

in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (2006), 54(17), 6271-6276

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See detailZinc-dependent global transcriptional control, transcriptional deregulation, and higher gene copy number for genes in metal homeostasis of the hyperaccumulator Arabidopsis halleri
Talke, Ina N.; Hanikenne, Marc; Krämer, Ute

in Plant Physiology (2006), 142(1), 148-167