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ULiège experience for OA content harvesting in aggregators and discovery tools illustrated with the Open Access platforms ORBi and PoPuPS.
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Since 2008 the University of Liège as implemented an institutional repository - ORBi - based on a strong mandate. Every member of the ULiège must upload the bibliographic references of all of his/hers ...
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Comme bien d’autres établissements scientifiques, l’université de Liège s’est lancée il y a quelques années dans le grand bain de l’open access en choisissant d’emprunter la voie verte. En 2007 est ainsi ...
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En 2008, l’Université de Liège appuie son répertoire institutionnel Open Repository and Bibliography (ORBi) sur le « mandat à la liégeoise » rendant obligatoire le dépôt des publications qu’elle assortit d’un ...
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ORBi, the institutional repository at the University of Liège (ULg), Belgium, is currently the most successful "green OA" tool, with a compliance rate close to 90%. This is due to a strongly enforced ...
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Availability of an article on the Internet without any barrier increases by a 20-fold factor its downloading songs as compared to those in restricted access requiring a reprint request. An article is being ...
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The open access movement gains momentum with an increasing number of institutions and funders adopting open access mandates for their funded research. Consequently, an increasing amount of material becomes ...
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Peer reviewed
Set up by the University of Liège, ORBi (Open Repository and Bibliography) knew a lightning increase of the online posted references since its creation in 2008. The official launch took place on November 26th ...
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The decision to build an institutional repository at the University of Liège was taken in 2005. It took 3 years to prepare for a faultless start in November 2008. A strong communication campaign conveyed the ...
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Set up by the University of Liège, ORBi (Open Repository and Bibliography) knew a lightning increase of the deposits since its creation in 2008. The official launch took place on November 26th, 2008 and after ...
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Présentations des initiatives en Open Access de l'Université de Liège (ULg) et de son Réseau des Bibliothèques : - PoPuPS : portail de publications de périodiques scientifique en Open Access - BICTEL/ e ...
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Peer reviewed
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Document didactique destiné aux auteurs scientifiques afin de les aider à mieux appréhender les différents aspects liés au droit d'auteur en matière de communication scientifique, notamment dans le cadre du ...