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See detailA multi-stressor analysis of spatio-temporal shifts in Belgian bee community
Rollin, Orianne; Michez, Denis; Jacquemin, Floriane et al

Poster (2018, September 20)

See detailPerennial wildflower strips to enhance natural enemies of insect pests in Belgium
Hatt, Séverin; Monty, Arnaud; Chen, Julian et al

Conference (2018, May 14)

Increasing plant diversity at the local scale is expected to enhance conservation biological ...

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See detailA biodiversity assessment between protected and managed forests in southeastern Cameroon
Fonteyn, Davy; Lhoest, Simon; Dufrêne, Marc et al

Conference (2018, March 26)

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See detailCopperflora Conservation Strategies: Species, strategies and phytostabilization
Boisson, Sylvain; Handjila Minengo, Guylain; Ngoy Shutcha, Mylor et al

Poster (2018, February 28)

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See detailContributions of Gembloux Agro Bio-Tech to LifeWatch Belgium
Bourdouxhe, Axel; Coppee, Thomas; Radoux, Julien et al

Poster (2018, January)

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See detailGreen roofs as a primer for urban biodiversity?
Bernard, Cedric; Garré, Sarah; Mahy, Grégory et al

Scientific conference (2018)

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See detailPlant invasions, cause and effect of global change : focus on two emerging Ambrosia species
Monty, Arnaud; Tassus, Xavier

Conference (2018)