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See detailEcosystem services & biodiversity in Europe: focus on Wallonia
Gerardy, Alexis; Maebe, Laura; Bourdouxhe, Axel et al

Poster (2018, December 18)

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See detailFlexible habitat use of stonechats Saxicola torquatus dealing with different anthropogenic novel environments
Gailly, Robin; Cousseau, Laurence; Titeux, Nicolas et al

Conference (2018, December 15)

Organisms may respond to rapid human induced environmental changes by adapting their habitat ...

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See detailPerspectives from the IPBES fellows on the assessment process
Thompson, Laura; Boeraeve, Fanny; IPBES, Young Fellows

Conference (2018, December)

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See detailAssessment of mammal biodiversity and bushmeat offtake in the tropical forests of southeastern Cameroon
Lhoest, Simon; Fonteyn, Davy; Hette, Samuel et al

Poster (2018, November 27)

Tropical forests of central Africa host an important part of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity ...

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See detailBalancing forest ecosystem services by adapting their management to the forest type and the ecological context: a case study in Southern Belgium
Maebe, Laura; Claessens, Hugues; Dufrêne, Marc

Conference (2018, October 16)

Trade-offs between wood production and other ecosystem services (ES) are common. Understanding ...

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See detailSpatio-temporal floral resource shifts in Belgium
Jacquemin, Floriane; Violle, Cyrille; Coppee, Thomas et al

Poster (2018, September 20)

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See detailA multi-stressor analysis of spatio-temporal shifts in Belgian bee community
Rollin, Orianne; Michez, Denis; Jacquemin, Floriane et al

Poster (2018, September 20)

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See detailThe role of bees in interaction networks with plants as a conservation argument
Jacquemin, Floriane; Violle, Cyrille; Munoz, François et al

Conference (2018, September 18)

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See detailThe invasive potential of introduced exotic trees: what do arboreta tell us ?
Fanal, Aurore; Mahy, Grégory; Monty, Arnaud

Poster (2018, September 05)

An increasing number of woody species are being listed as invasive in Europe. Forestry is the ...

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See detailManaging invasive plants in quarry sites - Patterns, issues and opportunities
Monty, Arnaud; ortmans, William; Mahy, Grégory

Poster (2018, September)

Description of the subject. Vegetation of high conservation value can establish in quarries, during ...

See detailPerennial wildflower strips to enhance natural enemies of insect pests in Belgium
Hatt, Séverin; Monty, Arnaud; Chen, Julian et al

Conference (2018, May 14)

Increasing plant diversity at the local scale is expected to enhance conservation biological ...

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See detailMining and biodiversity: Exploring the conservation strategy of a metallicolous vegetation in the Katangan Copperbelt (D.R.C.)
Boisson, Sylvain; Handjila Minengo, Guylain; Ngoy Shutcha, Mylor et al

Conference (2018, May 03)

Integration of economic activities with environmental integrity and social concerns is the greatest ...

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See detailLife In Quarries Project - Biological inventories - Biodiversity management implications
Seleck, Maxime; Taymans, Julien; Mathelart, Charlotte et al

Scientific conference (2018, May 03)

Throughout the life of quarries, a large diversity of temporary habitats is generated, sometimes ...

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See detailA biodiversity assessment between protected and managed forests in southeastern Cameroon
Fonteyn, Davy; Lhoest, Simon; Dufrêne, Marc et al

Conference (2018, March 26)

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See detailCopperflora Conservation Strategies: Species, strategies and phytostabilization
Boisson, Sylvain; Handjila Minengo, Guylain; Ngoy Shutcha, Mylor et al

Poster (2018, February 28)

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See detailContributions of Gembloux Agro Bio-Tech to LifeWatch Belgium
Bourdouxhe, Axel; Coppee, Thomas; Radoux, Julien et al

Poster (2018, January)

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See detailGreen roofs as a primer for urban biodiversity?
Bernard, Cedric; Garré, Sarah; Mahy, Grégory et al

Scientific conference (2018)

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See detailPlant invasions, cause and effect of global change : focus on two emerging Ambrosia species
Monty, Arnaud; Tassus, Xavier

Conference (2018)

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See detailAssessment of pollination ecosystem service throughout wild bees biodiversity and associated phytometer experiment – a case study at farmstead Froidefontaine in ecological transition (Havelange, Belgium)
Noël, Grégoire; Serteyn, Laurent; Calderan, Alix et al

in ZOOLOGY 2018 - Zoology in the Anthropocene 13-15 (2018)