Publications and communications of Annie Niessen

Niessen, A. (September 2022). Communicating in Crises: Tracing Throughput and Output Legitimation in the Discourse of the European Central Bank and the European Commission Discourse During the Eurozone and Covid-19 Crises. Paper presented at 2022 APSA Annual Meeting & Exhibition, Montreal, Canada.

Niessen, A. (12 May 2022). Ukraine’s Relationship with the European Union in light of the Russo-Ukrainian War: Historical Conceptions of Europe and Path to EU Membership. Paper presented at Harvard-MIT Belgian Society Invited Talks, Boston, United States.

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Niessen, A. (May 2022). Do Values Matter? Tracing the Political Interpretations of the 'European State' in the EU's Enlargement Discourse. Paper presented at EUSA Conference 2022, Miami, United States.

Niessen, A. (April 2022). The EU Institutions’ Discourse in Times of Political, Economic, and Health Crises: Legitimacy-Building Strategies in Public Communication. Paper presented at 79th Annual Midwest Political Science Association Conference, Chicago, United States.

Niessen, A. (23 March 2022). Communicating EUrope: Discourse, Legitimacy, and Crises. Paper presented at EU Program at Princeton seminar, Princeton, United States.

Niessen, A. (14 January 2022). Communicating in Crisis: A Comparison of the EU Institutions’ Argumentative Discourse during Political, Economic, and Health Crises. Paper presented at SPSA 93rd Annual Conference, San Antonio, United States.

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Niessen, A. (2021). A Tale of Europe(anness): Interpretations of the "European State" in the Discourse of the Political Institutions of the European Union. Unpublished doctoral thesis, ULiège - Université de Liège.
Jury: Michel, Q. (Promotor), Geuens, G. (Promotor), Grandjean, G., Patel, K., Grin, G., ... Stoicheva, M.

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Niessen, A. (18 November 2020). Les interprétations de l’Europe par les institutions de l’Union européenne. Paper presented at Course "Introduction to European Terminology - French" (Prof. R. Zaharieva).

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Niessen, A. (09 September 2020). European or Not? The Commission’s Discourse on the States’ Europeanness in the Framework of EU Accession. Paper presented at UACES 1st Virtual Conference.

Niessen, A. (August 2020). European or Not? The Representations of the States’ Europeanness and Europe in the EU Institutions’ Discourse. Paper presented at 14th ECPR General Conference.

Niessen, A. (2020). Pénélope Bagieu : "Culottées. Intégrale". Culture ULiège - Lectures pour l'été 2020.

Niessen, A. (01 June 2020). La communication de la Commission sur l’identité européenne dans le cadre des demandes d’adhésions et des élargissements. Communication et Organisation, 57 (1), 21-36. doi:10.4000/communicationorganisation.8626

Niessen, A. (2020). L’influence des médias britanniques sur le résultat du référendum sur l’appartenance du Royaume-Uni à l’Union européenne. (ULiège - Université de Liège, SPOL0021-1 Régimes politiques européens).

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Niessen, A. (10 May 2019). A History of the States’ Europeanness from the EEC/EU Institutions’ Perspective: (Re)considering the Current Relevance of the Institutional Interpretations in Light of the Recent Crises. Paper presented at 16th EUSA International Biennial Conference "Coming Together or Moving Apart", Denver, United States.

Niessen, A. (23 April 2019). The representations of Europe and European identity: political values and other eligibility conditions. Paper presented at Guest lecture dans le cadre du cours "Democracy in the European Union" (Pr. Robin de Bruin - Université d'Amsterdam), Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Niessen, A. (13 December 2018). The EU Institutions’ Interpretations of the States’ Europeanness: Discourse and Relevance in Light of the Recent Internal Events. Paper presented at 14th International Graduate Conference in Political Science, International Relations, and Public Policy in Memory of the late Yitzhak Rabin, Jérusalem, Israel.

Niessen, A. (07 December 2018). The Overseas Regions and the European Union: Historical Background, Rationale and Dynamics within the Scope of the Institutional Conception of European Identity. Poster session presented at Young Researchers Overseas Day 2018, Bruxelles, Belgium.

Niessen, A. (31 October 2018). Governing Identity or How the EU Institutions Have Shaped the States’ Europeanness. Paper presented at Seminar "Cultures of Governance", Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Niessen, A. (27 September 2018). In Search of the "European State": Findings, Methodological Approach and Challenges. Paper presented at Weekly meeting of the European Studies Department, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Niessen, A. (24 July 2018). B/ordering Europe: Normative Conditionality and Political-Cultural Constructs in the EU Institutions’ Interpretations of “Europe(-anness)”. Paper presented at 25th IPSA World Congress of Political Science on "Borders and Margins", Brisbane, Australia.

Niessen, A. (04 May 2018). Question d'européanité ou d'européanisation ? Les interprétations de l'identité européenne des Etats par les institutions de l'Union européenne : éléments définitoires et conditions d'éligibilité normatives. Paper presented at 11e Après-midi de recherche du Département de Science politique de l’Université de Liège sur les "Questions d'identité(s)", Liège, Belgium.

Niessen, A. (12 December 2017). Politicizing Europe: Normative Conditionality in the EU Institutions’ Interpretations of Europe(-anness). Paper presented at 6th Euroacademia International Conference on “The European Union and the politicization of Europe”, Florence, Italy.

Niessen, A. (2017). Séance de révision du cours "Acteurs du système politique européen" pour les étudiants en Communication multilingue. (ULiège - Université de Liège, SPOL0378-4 Acteurs du système politique européen).

Niessen, A. (2016). Le paradoxe anglais. In A. Niessen, Q. Michel (Ed.), ... M. Habran (Ed.), Le labyrinthe européen - Eléments et principes de l’Union européenne (pp. 75-97). Liège, Belgium: Presses Universitaires de Liège.

Niessen, A. (2015). Bidding farewell? On the assessment of the structural or situational nature of the current crisis surrounding David Cameron's prospective referendum on Britain's continued membership of the European Union. Unpublished master thesis, ULiège - Université de Liège.
Jury: Michel, Q. (Promotor), Geuens, G., ... Perrez, J.