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Kalywis, A. L., Samuel, R., Scholtes, F., Reuter, G., Stienen, M. N., Seifritz, E., & Surbeck, W. (2023). Distribution of Psychological Instability Among Surgeons. World Neurosurgery. doi:10.1016/j.wneu.2023.03.137

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* These authors have contributed equally to this work.

REUTER, G., Lommers, E., Balteau, E., Simon, J., Phillips, C., Scholtes, F., MARTIN, D., LOMBARD, A., & MAQUET, P. (2020). Multiparameter quantitative histological MRI values in high-grade gliomas: a potential biomarker of tumor progression. Neuro-Oncology Practice. doi:10.1093/nop/npaa047

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Lisicki Martinez, M., D'Ostilio, K., Coppola, G., MAERTENS DE NOORDHOUT, A., MAGIS, D., Schoenen, J., Scholtes, F., & Versijpt, J. (2019). Age related metabolic modifications in the migraine brain. Cephalalgia, 39 (8), 978-987. doi:10.1177/0333102419828984

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* These authors have contributed equally to this work.

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Scientific conferences in universities or research centers

Lambert, J., Gorlia, T., Van Dyck, E., Niclou, S., MARTIN, D., & SCHOLTES, F. (03 December 2015). Clinical and molecular classification of glioblastoma patients [Paper presentation]. Séminaire des chercheurs Télévie 2016.

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Poirrier, A.-L., MERTENS, D., HERMAN, D., CAMBY, S., Scholtes, B., Pottier, L., & Scholtes, F. (22 September 2023). Weight and Cost of unused supplies in ENT and sleep theatre [Poster presentation]. iBedssma, Knokke, Belgium.

Scholtes, F., Stienen, M., Samuel, R., & Surbeck, W. (2018). Personality traits in neurologists, neurosurgeons and psychiatrists [Poster presentation]. 5TH BURGHÖLZLI PSYCHIATRY MEETING.

Surbeck, W., Hänggi, J., Scholtes, F., Viher, P., Schmidt, A., Stegmayer, K., Studerus, E., Lang, U., Riecher-Rössler, A., Seifritz, E., Borgwardt, S., Quednow, B. B., & Walther, S. (2018). Semantic processing in relation to anatomical integrity of the ventral language stream in schizophrenia [Poster presentation]. 5TH BURGHÖLZLI PSYCHIATRY MEETING.

Lambert, J., Kaoma, T., Van Dyck, E., Vallar, L., Niclou, S., MARTIN, D., & SCHOLTES, F. (19 March 2016). Clinical and molecular classification of glioblastoma patients [Poster presentation]. Annual Scientific Meeting of the Belgian Society of Neurosurgery.

Lambert, J., Scholtes, F., & MARTIN, D. (21 March 2015). Age and WHO Performance Score are major clinical prognostic factors in glioblastoma [Paper presentation]. Annual Scientific Meeting of the Belgian Society of Neurosurgery, Bruxelles, Belgium.

SALADO, A.-L., FRANSSEN, C., DUBUISSON, A., KASCHTEN, B., RACARU, T., LENELLE, J., MARTIN, D., & Scholtes, F. (2015). Influence of age and antithrombotics on length of hospital stay for surgically evacuated chronic subdural haematoma [Poster presentation]. BSN 2015.

Lambert, J., Scholtes, F., & MARTIN, D. (December 2014). Identification de sous-groupes de glioblastome sur base de critères cliniques [Poster presentation]. Réunion annuelle de Paris, Paris, France.

SALADO, A.-L., Scholtes, F., DELSTANCHE, S., FUMAL, A., PEPIN, J.-L., & MAERTENS DE NOORDHOUT, A. (2014). Neurosurgery and Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension [Poster presentation]. BSN 2014.

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Amorim, C., Andris, F., Arckens, L., Arnould, T., Aron, S., Bakker, J., Balligand, M., Balthazart, J., Baron, F., Beck, B., Beguin, Y., Behets, C., Bellefroid, E., Bertrand, L., Bettendorff, L., Bindels, L., Blankert, B., Blanpain, C., Bondue, A., ... Wittamer, V. (2017). L’expérimentation animale reste indispensable (OPINION). La Libre Belgique.