Publications and communications of Eric Florence

Theses and dissertations

Doctoral thesis

Florence, E. (2008). Struggling around dagong: discourses about and by rural migrant workers in the Pearl River Delta [Doctoral thesis, ULiège - Université de Liège]. ORBi-University of Liège.



Direction and/or edition of collective works and journal's special issues

Florence, E., & Cabestan, J.-P. (Eds.). (2018). Vingt ans après : transformations et défis de Hong Kong sous le régime chinois. Hong Kong, China: Centre d'Etudes et d'Information sur la Chine.

Florence, E., & Cabestan, J.-P. (Eds.). (2018). Twenty Years After: Hong Kong's Changes and Challenges under China's Rule. Honk Kong, China: French Centre for Research on Contemporary China.

Articles in scientific journals

With peer reviewing

Chan, C. K.-C., Florence, E., & Qiu, J. L. (01 March 2021). Précarité, plateformes et agentivité : la multiplication des formes du travail en Chine. Perspectives Chinoises, 1 (2021).

Florence, E., Chan, C. K.-C., & Qiu, J. L. (March 2021). Editorial – Precarity, Platforms, and Agency: The Multiplication of Chinese Labour. China Perspectives, 2021 (01), 3-7. doi:10.4000/chinaperspectives.11268

Florence, E., & Cabestan, H. K. B. U. (September 2018). Twenty Years After the Handover Hong Kong’s Political and Social Transformation and Its Future under China’s Rule. China Perspectives, 114 (2018/3), 3-9.

Florence, E., & Cabestan, J.-P. (September 2018). Vingt ans après la rétrocession. Des transformations économiques et politiques de Hong Kong et de son avenir sous le régime chinois. Perspectives Chinoises, 144 (2018/3), 3-9.

Florence, E. (2017). Demandes sociales, gouvernance et médiation intellectuelle en Chine postmaoïste. Tracés : Revue des Sciences Humaines, 17 (2017), 159-166. doi:10.4000/traces.7155

Florence, E. (2006). Debates and Classification Struggles Regarding the Representation of Migrant Workers. China Perspectives, (n°65), 15-27.

Florence, E., & Martiniello, M. (2005). The Links Between Academic Research and Public Policies in the Field of Migration and Ethnic Relations: Selected National Case-Studies. Thematic Introduction. International Journal on Multicultural Societies, Vol. 7 (n°1), 3-10.

Florence, E., & Martiniello, M. (2005). Social Science Research and Public Policies: the Case of Immigration in Belgium. International Journal on Multicultural Societies, Vol.7 (n°1), 49-67.

Martiniello, M., & Florence, E. (2005). The Links between Academic Research and Public Policies in the Field of Migration and Ethnic Relations: Selected National Case Studies – Thematic Introduction. International Journal on Multicultural Societies, 7 (1), 3-10.

Martiniello, M., & Florence, E. (2005). Social Science Research and Public Policies: the Case of Immigration in Belgium. International Journal on Multicultural Societies, 7 (1), 49-67.

Without peer reviewing

Florence, E. (January 2018). Rural Migrant Workers in Independent Films: Representations of Everyday Agency. Made in China (a quarterly journal on labour, civil society, and rights), 3 (Winter).

Florence, E. (January 2017). Chine : permanence de l’Etat-Parti . Politique : Revue Belge d'Analyse et de Débat, 100, 28-35.

Florence, E. (2013). Migrant labour Culture in Post-Mao China. Vie des Idées.

Florence, E. (2013). Censure, liberté d’expression et dynamiques sociopolitiques en Chine contemporaine. Culture, le Magazine Culturel de l'Université de Liège.

Florence, E. (2010). Cinq arguments pour approcher la puissance économique chinoise. LiègeU, 14-18.

Florence, E. (1999). Les travailleurs migrants à travers la presse quotidienne de Shenzhen (1993-1999). Techniques, Territoires et Société, Vol. 36 (n° 1), 285-293.

Book reviews

Florence, E. (31 January 2022). Review of: Maurizio Atzeni and Immanuel Ness (eds.) (2018) Global Perspectives on Workers' and Labour Organizations. Global Labour Journal, 13 (1). doi:10.15173/glj.v13i1.5069

Florence, E. (2021). SIU, Kaxton. 2020. Chinese Migrant Workers and Employer Domination: Comparisons with Hong Kong and Vietnam. London: Palgrave Macmillan. China Perspectives, (2021/3), 73-74. doi:10.4000/chinaperspectives.12360

Florence, E. (December 2017). "Subaltern China: Rural Migrants, Media, and Cultural Practices, by Wanning Sun,". China Journal, 79, 134-137.

Florence, E. (2016). Migrant Labor in China: Post-Socialist Transformations. China Perspectives, (2016/2), 75-76.

Florence, E. (2015). Masculinités et migrations chinoises. La vie des idé

Florence, E. (2014). Après le Communisme. Vie des Idées.

Florence, E. (15 March 2014). Compte rendu de "De Proche en proche. Ethnographie des formes d’association en Chine contemporaine". Perspectives Chinoises, 1 (2014), 77-79.

Florence, E. (2014). La Chine et ses migrants. La conquête d'une citoyenneté. Perspectives Chinoises, 4, 74-76.

Florence, E. (February 2010). Xiang Biao, Transcending Boundaries. Zhejiangcun : The Story of a Migrant Village in Beijing. Perspectives Chinoises, Février 2010.

Florence, E. (2002). The Otherness of Self. A Genealogy of the Self in Contemporary China. Revue Bibliographique de Sinologie, Volume XIV.

Unpublished communications

Scientific congresses and symposiums with international audience

On request

Florence, E. (26 November 2010). Struggling around ‘dagong’: dialectics of contention and accommodation [Paper presentation]. Consortium for African and Asian Studies, “Migration, mobility and globalization, Paris, France.

Florence, E. (11 December 2008). Migrant workers’ narratives of ‘dagong’: identification, contention and hegemony as discursive framework [Paper presentation]. CEFC Seminars, Hong Kong SAR China.

On personal proposal

Florence, E. (23 June 2009). ‘Dagongzhe’ Write to the magazines: suffering, borders stretching and longings. Dialectics of identification and legitimation [Paper presentation]. International conference Innovation and Creativity in the Chinese Media, Londres, United Kingdom.

Promotion and popularisation of research

Communication in media

Florence, E. (2022). Hong Kong : la fin des libertés publiques et de l’État de droit ? Paris, France: Médiapart.

Florence, E. (2022). Carta Academica: Hong Kong: la fin des libertés publiques et de l’État de droit? Bruxelles, Belgium: Le Soir.