Publications and communications of Frédéric Ooms

Thesis and dissertations

Doctoral thesis

Ooms, F. (2023). The Entrepreneurial Cognitive Flexibility. A Study at the Intersection of Neuroscience and Entrepreneurship [Doctoral thesis, ULiège - University of Liège]. ORBi-University of Liège.

Scientific outputs

Articles in scientific journals with peer reviewing verified by ORBi or included in HEC journal guide

Ooms, F., Annen, J., Panda, R., Meunier, P., Tshibanda, L., Laureys, S., Pollack, J. M., & Surlemont, B. (March 2024). Advancing (Neuro)Entrepreneurship Cognition Research Through Resting-State fMRI: A Methodological Brief. Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, 48 (2), 719-741. doi:10.1177/10422587231170217

Ooms, F., Surlemont, B., Annen, J., Panda, R., & Laureys, S. (August 2023). The Habitual Entrepreneur Brain – A Voxel Based Morphometry Study. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2023 (1). doi:10.5465/amproc.2023.142bp


Written in collaboration

Léonard, C., Ooms, F., & Surlemont, B. (2022). Entrepreneurs face à la crise. Au coeur du testing Covid Belge. Barchon, Belgium: L'attitude des Héros.

Chapters in collective works

Ooms, F., & Pirnay, F. (2024). Pokemón: Ethias’ corporate entrepreneurship initiative. In J. Schmutzler, L. Palacios-Chacón, S. Burvill, ... V. Andonova (Eds.), Teaching Cases on Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Unexplored Topics and Contexts. United States: Edward Elgar.

Ooms, F., & Falize, M. (2016). Le Business Model Canvas. In F. Janssen, Entreprendre-Une introduction à l'entrepreneuriat (2ième édition). Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium: De Boeck Supérieur.


External research reports

Ooms, F., Vanderstraeten, J., Hendrik, S., & Thanh Phan, T. (2022). Global University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students’ Survey (GUESSS): 2021 Belgium National Report. Switzerland: Guess.

Unpublished scientific communications

Scientific congresses and symposiums with international audience

On request

Antony, H., Alâadany, E., Le Petit, M., Collette, F., & Ooms, F. (2024). The Entrepreneurial Lens Of Decision-making And Opportunity Recognition: An Eye-tracking Study On Student Entrepreneurs [Paper presentation]. Belgian Entrepreneurship Research Day (BERD) 2024, Brussels, Belgium.

On personal proposal

Ooms, F., Annen, J., Panda, R., Surlemont, B.* , LAUREYS, S.* , TSHIBANDA, L., Meunier Paul, & Jeffrey Pollack*. (15 June 2022). Using the Brain’s Functional Connectivity to Explore Serial Entrepreneurs’ and Managers’ Cognitive Flexibility [Paper presentation]. EURAM2022, Zurich, Switzerland.

Ooms, F., & Laureys, S. (08 June 2021). The entrepreneurial Brain [Paper presentation]. Babson Entrepreneurship Research Conference BCERC2021.

Scientific conferences in universities or research centers

Ooms, F. (10 January 2022). Neuroentrepreneurship a call from the discipline: nascent evidence from resting-state fMRI [Paper presentation]. Giga CRC group meeting, Liège, Belgium.

Scientific congresses and symposiums with national audience

Ooms, F. (16 November 2021). Décrypter le cerveau entrepreneurial [Paper presentation]. Le Grand Saut, Canada.

Ooms, F., Lerner, D., Pollack, J., & Surlemont, B. (28 October 2021). Beyond Entry: Exploring Entrepreneurs’ Self-Reported ADHD Symptoms in Nascent, Early, and Established Ventures [Paper presentation]. Belgian Entrepreneurship Research Day BERD2021, Hasselt, Belgium.


Ooms, F., Collette, F., Laureys, S., & Surlemont, B. (August 2023). Navigating the entrepreneurial mind: the influence of stress and well-being on cognitive flexibility [Poster presentation]. Academy of Management, Boston, United States.

Ooms, F., & Mastrogiorgio, A. (17 June 2023). Intrinsic brain activity in organizational neuroscience [Poster presentation]. Academy Of Management - Organizational Neuroscience, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Ooms, F., & Pollack, J. (05 August 2022). Entrepreneur stress and cognitive Flexibility [Poster presentation]. AOM 2022 Seattle, Seattle, United States.

Diverse speeches and writings

Other articles for a general audience

Magnier, L., & Ooms, F. (2023). L’entrepreneuriat : du profit à la planète. La Libre Belgique.

Ooms, F., & Surlemont, B. (2023). Entrepreneurs : un cerveau différent ? Cerveau & Psycho, (159).

Ooms, F., & Surlemont, B. (2022). Pour un entrepreneuriat à impact. La Libre Belgique.

Ooms, F., & Céline, L. (2021). Avoir deux mains droites. Libre Eco.