Publications and communications of Christophe Dubussy

Dubussy, C., & Schneiders, J.-P. (16 February 2022). Holomorphic Cohomological Convolution and Hadamard Product. Publications of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, 58 (1), 21-48. doi:10.4171/PRIMS/58-1-2

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Dubussy, C. (2019). Holomorphic Cohomological Convolution, Enhanced Laplace Transform and Applications. Unpublished doctoral thesis, ULiège - Université de Liège.
Jury: Schneiders, J.-P. (Promotor), Mathonet, P., Bastin, F., D'Agnolo, A., Prelli, L., ... Nicolay, S.

Dubussy, C. (03 May 2019). Enhanced Laplace transform and holomorphic Paley-Wiener-type theorems. Paper presented at D-Modules and the Riemann-Hilbert Correspondence, Berlin, Germany.

Dubussy, C. (04 February 2019). The category of enhanced subanalytic sheaves as a tool for Fourier analysis. Paper presented at Category Theory Seminar, Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium.

Dubussy, C. (27 June 2018). Enhanced Laplace transform and holomorphic Paley-Wiener theorems. Paper presented at FASPDE18 - Padova, Padova, Italy.

Dubussy, C. (06 February 2018). Holomorphic cohomological convolution and Hadamard product. Paper presented at Winter school and workshop : Riemann-Hilbert correspondence, Padova, Italy.

Dubussy, C. (22 January 2018). Convolution of analytic functionals with convex carrier. Paper presented at Séminaires compréhensibles, Uliège, Liège, Belgium.

Dubussy, C. (28 June 2017). Holomorphic cohomological convolution. Poster session presented at Algebraic Analysis and Representation Theory -- In Honor of Masaki Kashiwara's 70th birthday, Kyoto, Japan.

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Dubussy, C. (24 October 2016). Topos de Grothendieck et fonctions holomorphes tempérées. Paper presented at Séminaire compréhensible de l'ULg, Liège, Belgium.