Publications and communications of Gilles Lepoint

Books and journal issues published as editor or director

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Book chapters or contributions to a collective book as author or co-author

Fagel, N., Fontaine, F., Pleuger, E., Lechenault, M., Lepoint, G., & Goiran, J.-P. (2016). Reconstitution des paléoenvironnements et des activités humaines à partir de l’étude de sédiments prélevés dans le Cap Corse (Corse, France). In M. Ghilardi (Ed.), La géoarchéologie des îles de Méditerranée (pp. 311-332). Paris, France: CNRS éditions Alpha.

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Articles accepted in reviewed journal

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* These authors have contributed equally to this work.

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* These authors have contributed equally to this work.

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* These authors have contributed equally to this work.

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* These authors have contributed equally to this work.

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* These authors have contributed equally to this work.

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