Publications of Christian Barbier
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See detailVariational Calculationof the Dynamic Third-Order Susceptibility of Water
Gabryl, Jean-René; Barbier, Christian ULiege; Lemaire, Philippe et al

in Journal of Molecular Structure: Theochem (1995), 357

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See detailNumerical Techniques for Fast Multilook ScanSAR
Cantraine, Guy; Dendal, Didier; Barbier, Christian ULiege et al

in SPIE (Ed.) Proceeding SPIE (1995)

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See detailALMAZ-1 on the Launch Pad
Barbier, Christian ULiege

Article for general public (1994)

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See detailATOX - The ESTEC Atomic Oxygen Simulation Facility
Barbier, Christian ULiege; Flebus, Carlo; Van Eesbeek, Marc

in Preparing for the Future (1992), 2

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See detailL'Univers grâce aux satellites scientifiques
Barbier, Christian ULiege

Learning material (1991)

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See detailModels and Analysis Tools for the Columbus Contamination Environment
De Leuze, Anne; Barbier, Christian ULiege

Conference (1991)

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See detailAb Initio Calculation of Static Electric Polarizability of Infinite Polymer Chains
Barbier, Christian ULiege; Delhalle, J.; André, J. M.

in Journal of Molecular Structure (1989), 188

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See detailAb Initio Calculation of the Polarizability and Hyperpolarizabilities of Infinite Periodic Polymers by the Sum-Over-States Method
Barbier, Christian ULiege; Delhalle, J.; André, J. M.

in Heeger, A. J.; Orenstein, J.; Ulrich, D. R. (Eds.) Proceedings 1987 Materials Society Symposium (1988)

Detailed reference viewed: 5 (1 ULiège)
See detailCalculations of Molecular Polarizabilities Using the Valence Effective Hamiltonian (VEH) Method
Barbier, Christian ULiege; André, J. M.

in Theoretica Chimica Acta (1987), 72

Detailed reference viewed: 22 (2 ULiège)
See detailTrends in Calculations of Polarizabilities and Hyperpolarizabilities of Long Molecules
André, Jean-Marie; Barbier, Christian ULiege; Bodart, Vincent et al

in Chemla, D. S.; Zyss, J. (Eds.) Nonlinear Optical Properties of Organic Molecules and Crystals. Volume II (1987)

Detailed reference viewed: 16 (2 ULiège)
See detailUnimolecular Decay Paths of Electronically Excited Species. V. The A2B1 State of H2CO+
Barbier, Christian ULiege; Galloy, Claudine; Lorquet, Jean-Claude ULiege

in Journal of Chemical Physics (1984), 81

Detailed reference viewed: 8 (3 ULiège)
See detailLe Principe Anthropique en Cosmologie
Barbier, Christian ULiege

in Revue des Questions Scientifiques (1981), 152

Detailed reference viewed: 42 (5 ULiège)
See detailLe Principe Anthropique et ses conséquences en astrophysique et en cosmologie
Barbier, Christian ULiege

Master's dissertation (1980)

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