Publications of Sandrine Halleux
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See detailRhupus: when rheumatoid arthritis meets lupus
MALAISE, Olivier ULiege; HALLEUX, Sandrine ULiege; VON FRENCKELL, Christian ULiege et al

in Revue Médicale de Liège (2012), 67(9), 475-84

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See detailRole of estrogens in the modulation of inflammatory pain : a study in aromatase knock-out mice using the trigeminal formalin model
Multon, Sylvie ULiege; RIKIR, Estelle ULiege; HALLEUX, Sandrine ULiege et al

in Book of Abstracts of the 33th Annual Meeting Society for Neuroscience (Nov 2003) (2003, November)

Detailed reference viewed: 66 (1 ULiège)