Publications and communications of Thomas Habets

Articles in scientific journals with peer reviewing

Habets, T., Olmedo-Martínez, J. L., Del Olmo, R., Grignard, B., Mecerreyes, D., & Detrembleur, C. (21 July 2023). Facile access to CO2-sourced polythiocarbonate dynamic networks and their potential as solid-state electrolytes for lithium metal batteries. ChemSusChem, 16 (14), 202300225. doi:10.1002/cssc.202300225

Habets, T., Siragusa, F., Müller, A. J., Grossman, Q., Ruffoni, D., Grignard, B., & Detrembleur, C. (07 June 2022). Facile construction of functional poly(monothiocarbonate) copolymers under mild operating conditions. Polymer Chemistry, 13 (21), 3076-3090. doi:10.1039/d2py00307d