Publications and communications of Simon Troch

Troch, S., & Meli, V. (2021). The EU General Court judges that the rules of sport federations banning athletes for participation in unauthorized events can – in certain circumstances – constitute a by object infringement of Article 101 TFEU (International Skating Union). e-Competitions.

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Troch, S., & Nys, C. (2020). The EU Court of Justice Advocate General Saugmandsgaard Øe recommends the Bronner legal test to be limited to ’refusals to make available’ (Slovak Telekom / Deutsche Telekom). Concurrences : Revue des Droits de la Concurrence.

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Troch, S., & Van Der Eycken, D. (2019). Advocate General Bobek provides an analytical framework to assess the appropriateness of ‘by object’ qualifications while clarifying and consolidating the case-law on the dichotomy between ‘by object’ and ‘by effect’ restrictions (Budapest Bank). e-Competitions.

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