Publications and communications of Archibald Gustin

Contributions in scientific journals


Gustin, A. (2022). An Agonistic Theory of Democratic Parliamentarism. The Case of the Walloon Parliament. Open Journal of Political Science, 12, 89-107. doi:10.4236/ojps.2022.121006

Gustin, A., & Grandjean, G. (09 July 2020). Politieke gevolgen van het indienen van constructieve moties van wantrouwen op gemeentelijk niveau (2006-2018). Publiekrechtelijke Kronieken, 2019 (1/1), 45-61.

Oral or not published communications in scientific congresses and symposiums (including posters)

Delvenne, P., Bechoux, L., Valérie Beniest, Léonard Chemineau, Decock, W., Delvaux, S., Fallon, C., Fanouillere, J.-B., Glesner, C., Lebrun, L., Emmanuel Lepage, Wilfrid Lupano, Meens, V., Parotte, C., Thirion, N., Thoreau, F., Gustin, A., Walravens, C., & Dodion, H. (December 2022). Entering into resonance: vibrations around a common world from encounters between the 9th art and science [Poster presentation]. Annual Congress of the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S), Cholula, Mexico.

Gustin, A., & Grandjean, G. (17 December 2021). The Political Consequences of the Use of Motions of Constructive No Confidence at the Local Level in Wallonia (2006-2018) [Paper presentation]. State of the Federation 2021, Namur, Belgium.

Learning materials

Gustin, A. (2020). Statuti dei partiti politici e quote di genere.