Publications and communications of Tom Debouny

Isunza Manrique, I., Caterina, D., Inauen, C., Watlet, A., Dashwood, B., Debouny, T., Hermans, T., & Nguyen, F. (06 May 2020). Assessment of magnetic data for landfill characterization by means of a probabilistic approach. Paper presented at EGU General Assembly.

Debouny, T., Caterina, D., Isunza Manrique, I., Beese-Vasbender, P., & Nguyen, F. (May 2020). Landfill characterization by multi-method geophysical investigation: the case study of Leppe (Germany). Poster session presented at European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2020, Vienna, Austria.

Nguyen, F., Caterina, D., Isunza Manrique, I., & Debouny, T. (06 February 2020). Cost-effective exploration methods for landfills: results from the RAWFILL project. Paper presented at 5th International Symposium on Enhanced Landfill Mining, Leuven, Belgium.

Caterina, D., Isunza Manrique, I., Debouny, T., & Nguyen, F. (11 September 2019). Contribution of geophysical methods to the study of old landfills: A case study in Onoz (Belgium). Paper presented at Groundwater Quality Conference, Li├Ęge, Belgium.

Ibrahim, E., Buydens, G., Debouny, T., Deprez, R., & Pirard, E. (2018). Sixth International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of Environment 26-29 March, 2018 - Cyprus. In Assessing the Discrepancy in Open-Source Atmospheric Correction of Sentinel-2 Acquisitions for a Tropical Mining Area in New Caledonia. SPIE digital Library.