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How do I archive my publications on ORBi? Can I deposit my articles in Open Access? How can I update my records? What is an ORCID ID and why adding it to my ORBi profile? ...

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This course offers: 

  • A step-by-step explanation of the submission process in ORBi.
  • Putting into practice how to add publications, supervised by the trainers.


  • Learn how to check publisher policies to allow Open Access submission of a publication to an institutional directory.
  • Learn how to make a publication visible via the ORBi institutional directory.

Open Access

This course offers:

  • A presentation of Open Access and the concepts related to it.
  • A presentation of the differences between the "classic" mode of publication and Open Access.
  • A presentation of the economic, philosophical and technical motivations of Open Access.
  • A presentation of the ULiège mandate and the ULiège Open Access platforms.
  • A description of the advantages and benefits of Open Access.


  • Understand the key concepts related to Open Access.
  • Understand the ins and outs, the advantages and the way Open Access works.
  • Discover useful tools to help researchers manage their scientific production and circulation in Open Access.


This training course consists of a presentation of the fundamental principles of copyright, as well as updating them in the specific context of Open Access.

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