Release Notes

New features
      • Submission: addition of Horizon Europe projects to the list of European projects (OpenAIRE)
      • Reports: addition of OpenCitations
      • Admin: addition of CSV export in MyWidgets
      • Reports: improved display of metrics journals
      • Widgets: consideration of filters in the web link
      • Detailed reference display: improvement of the display order of the statistics
      • Submission: correction of messages displayed during a deposit with OCR request
      • Submission: improved retrieval of ORCIDs when importing via identifier
      • Admin: addition of a note indicating whether a reference is being modified by the author
      • OAI: correction of the display of the status "In press" and "Undated" in the OAI output
      • OAI: deletion of the statement required by the publisher of the dc. rights 
      • Submission: fixed a bug that prevented OCR processing when modifying a reference
      • Submission: fixed a bug preventing the import by ArXiv ID of references containing a large number of authors
      • Reports: fixed bugs that prevented the generation of reports for certain "fictitious" identifiers (Famous Scholars)
      • Admin: correction of an internal error following a deduplication of references
      • Submission: control of the author function when changing to the document type "Collective work published as editor or director (book)"
      • ORBi profiles: creation of profile pages for authors no longer in activity within the Institution
      • Homepage ORBi: English support added  in the cookie setting tool
      • Admin: configuration of API calls in the citations update job
      • Admin: DOI format control when calling the OpenCitations API
      • Detailed reference display: correction of references containing duplicate DOIs
      • Detailed reference display: fixed issue with display of dataset titles
      • Search: fixed a bug preventing the search for certain DOIs
New features
      • Enrichment: retrieval of the bibliography from Scopus
      • Deposit: retrieve the Scopus ID directly when archiving a publication
      • Admin: Use of Matomo web statistics measurement tool compliant with the GDPR
      • Admin: monitoring tool for the "co-first/last author" option
      • Admin: monitoring tool for new scientific journal titles
      • Submission: consultation in a new tab of the documents attached to a reference being filed or validated
      • MyORBi: correction of the error message in case of absence of a profile page for members of the institution who have no publication on ORBi
      • MyORBi: fixed a bug that prevented viewing accepted reprint requests from ORBi's old version
      • Citations: fixed bugs preventing to retrieve OpenCitations on some references
      • Deposit: fixed a bug that prevented the deposit of a "Book for a general audience".
      • Detailed display of references: correction of the URL for datasets mentioning a DOI
      • Detailed display of references: correction of the message indicating the success or failure of a reprint request
      • Detailed display of references: corrected a regression preventing the correct display of the "peer reviewed" mention
      • Admin: corrected a bug preventing the submission of references for "Famous Scholar".

New features
      • Detailed reference display: added citations from OpenCitations
      • Admin: added "PubMed Linkout Tool" job that allows Pubmed to link to the full text in OA on ORBi
      • Admin: added OAI Journals output
      • REST API: added metadata indicating the date of deposit of a publication on ORBi
      • Submission and display: updated SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) headings
      • RIS export: addition of PB, PP and SN metadata
      • MyORBi: added MyORBi in the breadcrumb trail for reports and widgets
      • Import by ID or file: recording of additional data
      • ORBi home page: correction of the display of drop-down menus
      • Repository: fixed a bug preventing the display of the dc.contributor.inventor for patents
      • RIS/BIBTeX export: fixed display of undated and in press
      • Detailed display of references: fixed a bug in the display of datasets
      • Import via Grobid/ArXiV: correction of the display of authors data
      • Import: correction of formatting of academy, publisher and conference place fields
      • Admin: fixed a bug preventing the retrieval of the bibliography via Scopus

New features
      • Detailed reference display: automatic addition of Scopus and Pubmed identifiers in order to display the link to the publication on these international databases
      • Reports: display of the h-index in the bibliometric synthesis of the publication reports
      • Author profile: addition of a link to the author's publications as an ORBi search result
      • Statistics: Customization of certain components according to the institution
      • Submission: fixed a bug preventing the display in French of countries containing accented characters
      • Submission: display of the form reporting a duplicate fixed
      • Submission: fixed author formatting when importing bibtex
      • Submission: correction of the display in English of certain types of documents
      • Submission and reference display: correction of display issues for periodical publishers
      • Reprint requests: correction of a bug preventing access to documents when the request relates to several
      • Reports: fixed the category of articles published as first or last author (PSY model)
      • Author profile: correction of the display of data from the MyULiège profile

New features
      • Reports and widgets: display (by completion) of the list of tags and research centers
      • Submission: possibility of modifying the type of file (full text, full text part, annexes) by moving
      • API REST: adding files version information (author preprint, author postprint, publisher postprint) 
      • Reports: display of models by alphabetical order
      • Reports: enabling "simple list" template by default
      • Profile: modification of the message referring to the contact details of the author in the ULiège directory
      • Automatical reload of the ORBi CSS after changes
      • Submission: correction of the display of theses and dissertations when the faculty is missing
      • Submission: fixed error message when a required full text is missing
      • Submission: removal of the ULiège icon for an external signatory
      • Import by DOI: fixed a bug in the information exchange with Crossref
      • Statistics: correction of the year put at the beginning of the graph
      • Reports and widgets: fixed an error preventing the search of a tag
      • Thumbnail: correction of the display for pdf without pagination
      • OAI outputs: correction of data indicating DNS

      • Widget and reports: removal of unused search fields and modification of some of the labels
      • API REST: number of pages added for uploaded files
      • Reports: addition of a link to the list of Faculty models and their structure
      • Detailed reference display: addition of bibtex export for "Eprint already available on another site"
      • MyORBi: correction of a bug occurring when adding an ORCID
      • Deposit: fixed error preventing addition by DOI via Crossref

New features
      • Institution profile: Possibility to configure ORBi by institution (logos, mentions about the institution, CSS)
      • API REST: addition of author order and file information
      • OAI-PMH: improved oai_dc output and openaire context
      • Facets: grouping of journals with several labels
      • Detailed reference display: addition of ORBi favicon when displaying pdf documents
      • MyORBi profile: basic display for ULiège members unknown to ORBi
      • Submission: updated email addresses of co-authors who are no longer active in the ULiège LDAP
      • Submission: addition of email adress for the Famous scholars project
      • Home page: improvement of the presentation of statistical values
      • Admin: added information about errors in Scopus query
      • MyORBi: visualization of references with missing publication date
      • Reprint requests: removal of private documents in the list of available documents
      • Reprint requests: correction of an error occurring when requesting some full text versions
      • Admin: fixed bugs occurring when adding a journal in the database
      • Admin: fixed a bug preventing the cancellation of an OCR request
      • Correction of various typos

New features
      • Widget: addition of the possibility to create URLs referring to the ORBi search page and compatibility with URLs from the old version of ORBi1
      • Submission: in the choice of authors, display of the CHU logo instead of the ULiège logo for CHU members
      • Submission: control of peer reviewing information before archiving a publication
      • MyORBi menu: improved menu visibility
      • REST API: increased limit of results and improved output data (values for document types and disciplines ; addition of journal and event data)
      • Email: Correction of the code allowing to search ULiège email adresses in the LDAP
      • Repository: Fix of a bug preventing the modification of references with a european project coming from the old version of ORBi.

New features

Admin: merge item tool allowing ORBi team to merge two duplicate references including their access statistics

      • Widget: compatibility improvements with widgets created under the old version of ORBi
      • Statistics: automatic update of Scopus citations
      • Submission: addition of "speaker" authors in the list of recognized authors for the deposit
      • Submission: Fix of a bug that prevented the import of a publication by PDF
      • Submission: Correction of an archiving error when the email of a co-author is not valid
      • Reports: access to an html report for unauthenticated users

New features
      • Publication reports: metrics added at the journal title level (CiteScore, SNIP and SJR)
      • Publication reports and widgets:  addition of the possibility to search on affiliations
      • Publication reports and widgets: addition of the possibility to introduce several authors in the "identifier" field
      • Links from ULiège and CHU directories: reverse chronological sorting by default
      • Detailed display of the reference and publication reports: addition of the asterisk to identifiy "co-first" and "co-last" authors
      • Data transfer from the old to the new version: recovery of some full texts wrongly placed in "Full text parts"
      • OAI-PMH output: improvement of DC and QDC outputs
      • ORBi-old: restoring access for the CHU
      • Redirection of old URLs such as that still exist on the internet to
      • Widgets: compatibility with URLs created for the previous version of ORBi
      • Statistics: updating the number of views and downloads at the author level
      • Submission: errors corrections d'erreurs when modifying references
      • Detailed display of the reference: correction of authors' order for certain references
      • Miscellaneous: restoring access to references handles

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