FAQ: new version

Switching to the new version

Do I need to do anything on ORBi's old version version?

Yes, finalize your references on ORBi's old version before 30 April 2022! (you must be connected to the ULiège network either in person or via the VPN)

References that are not archived cannot be transferred directly to the new version. It is therefore preferable to ensure that you archive them now.

  • Submission in progress: you must finalize them and validate your work
  • Submissions in progress for signature or validation: if an edit button (blue pencil) appears next to these references, it means that you must validate them or sign the license. Do it as soon as possible.
  • Imported references: they are not archived and must be taken up one by one to be completed and then validated.
What will become of my references?
  • Your archived references (those that appear publicly on ORBi) will of course be included in the new interface with all the information and all the documents they contain.
  • Imported references and current references (deposit, validation, signature), on the other hand, cannot be directly added to the new interface.

We will therefore keep the old ORBi interface accessible until April 30 so that you can finalize these references (you must be connected to the ULiège network either in person or via the VPN).

What will happen to my reprint requests?

Old reprint requests will be kept. 

Will my statistics be saved?

Yes, the statistics currently available in ORBi will also be available in the new interface. New graphs will also be available and global ORBi statistics will be downloadable. Moreover, the statistics will now be updated in real time.

Will the number of citations of my references be kept?

Yes, the citation count for a publication currently comes from Scopus and will also be in the new interface.

Will I be able to use ORBi on my tablet or smartphone?

Yes, the new version of ORBi is “responsive design”, this means that the website is available on PC as well as on tablet or smartphone with the same level of comfort.

However, we advise you to use a screen large enough to make a publication deposit or to switch to landscape mode when your screen does not allow to display all the content.

About ORBi's new version

Has the identification method changed?

No, you identify yourself in the new interface in the same way as in the prior version with your ULiège/CHU username and password. If you encounter a problem, please contact us.

Has the contact address changed?

Yes, we now invite you to contact us either via the “Contact” button present on all ORBi pages or to write to us at orbi-support@uliege.be

What major changes for me in myORBi?
  • We offer you a myORBi homepage which highlights the actions to be taken on your references (number of references to complete, number of references to sign, etc.)
  • You can add a publication
    • by entering an identifier (DOI, Pubmed, Scopus, ArXiv)
    • by directly depositing the pdf of the publication
    This saves you time by adding automatically a series of information.
  • You can only deposit one full text (in 3 different versions). This allows users and partners who link to ORBi references (Google scholar, discovery tools from university libraries, etc.) to identify and directly obtain the true full text and not a part of the document.
  • Changes to archived references must be made and validated in one day. This prevents references from remaining blocked for too long.
  • You can link your myORBi to your ORCID profile in just a few clicks
  • We offer you a profile page on ORBi which includes your basic information, your publications, your ORCID and, if you give us permission, data from your myULiège profile.
  • Information that does not require action on your part will be sent as a  notification on myORBi rather than by sending an email.
  • ORBi will offer more information about the ULiège authors (past affiliations, people who left the university)
Are other features planned?

Indeed ! ORBi will continually improve according to your needs and feedback. You will be able to consult on the “Release Notes” page the list of updates and new features and bug fixes they have brought.

Are there any training/tutorials?

Training sessions are planned as soon as ORBi is launched, then others will be given continuously. They will be announced in our training catalogue.
You’ll also find help contents and video tutorials about the main features of the new ORBi on our website or on Youtube

Will representatives still have access to the author’s myORBi?

Yes, the persons designated as a representative of an author in the current version of ORBi will also be included as such in the new version.

While the old version of ORBi is still accessible, can I continue to use it?

From 21/02/2022, we will switch to the new version of ORBi. The old version of ORBi will then only be accessible until 30/04/2022 to allow you to finalize your current deposits (you must be connected to the ULiège network either in person or via the VPN). It will no longer be possible, for example, to initiate a new deposit.

For any other manipulation, we invite you to use the new ORBi.

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