title 09/09/2009

Another important step will be taken by the next academic year with ORBi as the unique source of information for academic assessments at the ULg (promotions, allocation of funds, etc.).

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title 18/08/2009

Several improvements have been made to the reference deposit form, in terms of encoding authors' names. The most important consists of the addition of the possibility of selecting co-authors within the ULg student database (Penelope). A function which has been much awaited by ULg doctoral students who are not members of the university's personnel.

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title 15/07/2009

ORBi has now added a statistical data tool. General statistics regarding the number of new references (growth of the directory) and the number of views and downloads are generated daily. There is also a top 20 of the most downloaded references and detailed statistics for each archived item.

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title 17/06/2009

"The workshop is aimed at those involved in the development of openaccess (OA) repositories and who can influence the direction of developments either within their institution, their country or at an international level (...)".

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title 03/06/2009

This event was marked by the organization of an afternoon symposium spent discussing the development of ORBi and institutional mandates, in the presence of Tom Cochrane, Queensland University of Technology (Australia).

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