title 17/10/2018

Pour marquer les 10 ans d’ORBi, nous vous invitons à une journée de conférences le 20 novembre 2018 pour faire le point sur le passé, le présent et le futur de l’Open Access et de l’Open Science à Liège, en Belgique et en Europe.

Programme et inscriptions

title 13/09/2018

A change in the belgian copyright law allow the authors of scientific articles financed by the public sector, to retain the right to make their article available in Open Access even if otherwise stipulated in their contract with the publisher.

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An Open Access mandate adopted by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation Government

This May 2, 2018, the Parlement of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation has adopted the Open Access decree supporting the free diffusion of scientific publications.

The decree is accessible online [fr]

title 16/03/2018


The Open Access Decree has been adopted by the comission of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation by 10 votes "yes" and 1 abstention.

The text will be discuss in plenary sesssion in 2 weeks

Support OA and sign !

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ORBi boosts your visibility!

From the beginning, ORBi's goal was always to massively disseminate the scientific production of the University of Liège. In order to do this, ORBi employ multiple channels:

  • Global search engines (Google, Bing, Baidu)
  • Research tools in Open Access
  • Social networks
  • Discovery tools for other libraries and institutions
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title 22/12/2017

Good news this Christmas: ORBi has passed the benchmark of 100,000 references with a fulltext!

And in nearly 56% of these cases, the documents are freely accessible!


title 14/12/2017

More modern and ergonomic charts, optimized and faster loading web pages, and export options. These are the main features of this new version of ORBi statistics!

These improvements are not only for public statistics, but also for author statistics (available via MyORBi) and archived records.


title 13/12/2017

It can be difficult for researchers to understand what are their author rights, what articles they can archive in Open Access... Fortunately, political decisions are taken across Europe to strongly authorize free dissemination of knowledge.

In Belgium, Wallonia-Brussels Federation has presented a decree in order to mandate the deposit of publications of publicly funded research in institutional archives and favour the Open Access. Moreover, the federal government plans to propose a bill in this regard in 2018.


title 21/11/2017

How many immigrants are there in Belgium? Do they take belgians' jobs? Are they integrated into belgian society? Could we close the borders?

Jean-Michel Lafleur, deputy director of the CEDEM (Center for Ethnic and Migration Studies) and Abdeslam Marfouk, Research Associate at the CEDEM, publish "21 questions que se posent les Belges sur les migrations internationales au 21e siècle".

A book to overcome the clichés, freely available via ORBi:

"Pourquoi l'immigration? 21 questions que se posent les Belges sur les migrations internationales au 21e siècle".

title 26/10/2017

L’Open Access Week  2017 était l’occasion toute trouvée pour fêter cet anniversaire et revenir sur 10 années de dépôt dans ORBi, le répertoire institutionnel de l’Université de Liège.

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